Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s new update features new hunts and zone


In today’s title update, Capcom has revealed that both Rajang and a brand-new end-game Guiding Lands area, alongside plenty more of content. You can update your game today to enjoy the latest batch of content.

In today’s first free title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborn, Capcom has revealed that there is plenty of new content for Hunters to enjoy. The robust post-launch support remains imperative for Capcom, allowing them to extend upon end-game content, providing a new hunt with Rajang, more tempered monsters, and an all-new region in the Guiding Lands area.

Alongside this new information, Capcom has also revealed that there is still more to come including upcoming collaborations and all-new hunts to enjoy. Along with the golden-ball of fury that is Rajang, players can investigate and hunt monsters in each of their biomes with each one elevating in the challenge that they offer with the higher the Region Level that they have.

The Guiding Lands will also give players a chance to unlock new rewards, high-quality items, and new challenges as well as investigations. Materials from each of these quests offer customization options for weapons in both function and appearance, depending on what hunters are aiming for.

Creatures such as Zinogre will only appear when the Guiding Lands reach a certain Region Level has been reached. Alongside features such as the aforementioned ones, a brand-new volcanic biome has been added to the Guiding Lands and will become accessible once players have started the proper questline to battle Rajang itself.

Along with the new zone, Rajang, and elevated Region Levels, Capcom has also added in brand-new challenging tempered hunts including Tempered Gold Rathian and Tempered Silver Rathalos. As part of the reward for doing such battles, Hunters can craft new armor and aesthetics, but also, gather materials used to create Layered Armor.

Meanwhile, in your downtime, don’t forget to take the time to visit your pal’s room, taking a gander at how they managed to decorate it during their time in Seliana, including paid DLC options for those looking to spruce it up a bit more than before.

Along with today’s update, Capcom has also confirmed a cross-over event coming this November that will see Resident Evil cross-over with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and a special questline for the Palico equipment design contest for players to craft. Along with that bit of news, there’s also another cross-over event for PlayStation 4 players to enjoy, which is another round of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds content including a chance for players to craft a Light Bowgun designed as Aloy’s Stormslinger itself.

Additionally, December will also continue this year’s free content including a new hunt of a creature yet-to-be-revealed alongside the season Monster Hunter seasonal festivities. Capcom has revealed more content will be available in the planned 2020 updates, which will be outlined at a later date.

“PlayStation®4 players, the second round of an exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Frozen Wilds collaboration will be available as part of this update to craft a full armor set fashioned after the Shield-Weaver armor in Horizon Zero Dawn™, quests to craft new Palico equipment and upgrade the Stormslinger, plus a quest to craft the new Banuk armor set. There will also be quests to upgrade Aloy’s Bow and the Felyne Watcher equipment that were available in MH: World.”

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated as more information is released by Capcom at a later date.

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