Report: PlayStation 5 may not have full PS4 backwards compatibility at launch


As the PlayStation 5 begins to gain momentum for its launch, Sony has recently issued a statement, which seems to confirm that PlayStation 5 may not have full backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles when it launches.

As we begin to gain more momentum in preparation for next-gen consoles, it’s hard not to admit we are all curious about what they will be capable of, what they will look like, and if they will play our current-gen games when they launch.

With smash-hit titles such as Death StrandingDOOM Eternal, and The Last of Us 2 just on the horizon, we want to know if and when we can play our games, if we can take them to the next generation or if we need to hold onto all our current-gen hardware. Well, we have a semi-decent answer, but it’s vague at best, which means it could change with time since we’re still over a year out from the PlayStation 5.

In a statement to Famitsu, an SIE spokesperson confirmed that the PlayStation 4 backwards compabiilty is being “Designed to achieve compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles. We will do our best to ensure that the development team can ensure complete compatibility now. We are verifying. Please wait for further information,” states an SIE spokesperson.

Sony has already confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will feature a new controller design that utilizes USB-C cables, Ultra HD Blu-ray support, Haptic Feedback that replaces “rumble” technology, and a brand-new UI alongside an SSD to power it all. Meanwhile, we can hope that backwards compatibility will be fully-functional at our launch, but if the report remains true, you may want to hang onto your PlayStation 4’s a little bit longer.

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