TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST’s character roster outlined

TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST Release Date

Based on the world-wide phenomoneon, TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST will see players explore the world of Tokyo Ghoul as fan-favorite characters such as Ken Kaneki, Nishiki Nishio, and plenty more.

In today’s brand-new character trailer, Bandai Namco has begun to outline what to expect from their upcoming TOKYO GHOUL title. The game will include some of the franchises most beloved characters such as Ken Kaneki, Shū Tsukiyama, Nishiki Nishio, Tōka Kirishima, Naki, Ayato Kirishima, and Seidō Takizawa, otherwise known as Owl.

To offset the roster of heroes, Bandai Namco has also outlined what boss-related characters that fans will be going up against including Nutcracker, Noro, Shachi, Kanae, and One-Eyed Owl. TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST is set to launch on November 14th in Japan on PlayStation 4, with a PS4 and PC launch dated for November 15th, 2019, for the Americas and Europe.

Originally set to launch in the winter of 2018, TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST had been delayed in order to improve the quality of the game so that it can meet the expectations of TOKYO GHOUL fans. Fans will get to enjoy a third-person survival action title set to take place during the stories of both Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Goul:re mangas.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that the game will feature online multiplayer. Fans will be able to choose whether or not that they experience the story through either the investigators of the game, which will include both Kōtarō Amon and Kishō Arima as playable characters. For the Ghoul side, players can choose to play as Haise Sasaki or Ken Kaneki.

TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST is set to release on November 14th, 2019, for the Americas and Europe on PC and PlayStation 4.

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