A GameStop in Oklahoma leaks the brand-new store redesigns


In a video leaked on Facebook, a GameStop store in Pryor, Oklahoma, leaked the store redesigns, which gives us a glimpse at the companies future focus on both retro and modern games while moving forward to include an area for fans to sit and relax.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, GameStop has been working hard in order to realign their business focusses towards the past and the present of gaming. In part of their restructuring, GameStop has revealed they will be closing down another two hundred stores in the very near future because it has too many stores according to Business Insider.

As part of their restructuring, GameStop’s been churning with newfound wonderment at what the company is going to do moving forward in order to stay afloat. Of course, there is a subtle hint at what this future could very well be, including the fact that they are shuttering the old black and red, cluttered appearance for something a bit more subtle, a lot more organized than before.

The video, as shown on Facebook, shows off this brand-new focus, outlining new areas for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Retro games, a focus on esports, and even a table for fans to partake in events such as Friday Night Magic or tabletop related entertainment.

As you can see in the video above, GameStop is ditching the dark and matted look for something a bit more sleek and vibrant, using silvers, greys, and blacks to their advantage.

There’s even pre-order and online ordering stations through their online market that will allow them to obtain items that may not be available in their store. There are even a sofa and even an HD TV located in the middle of the store, making it seem as if there will be lounging areas for fans to enjoy esports tournaments and events live on Twitch.

There’s also a wall-mounted tablet in the store that customers can order from, as well as a sofa and HD TV located in the middle of the store or host tournaments of their choosing. Their focus on making their store’s event places has become quite clear compared to previous days.

But this new focus only comes into place after the company laid off over 120 employees, including numerous editors and writers for their publication Game Informer. They’ve even revealed they are closing up to 200 “underperforming” stores across the world. Hopefully, this reboot works in their favor and makes it so that GameStop can bounce back from their 14.3% decrease in overall sales.

If this new appearance from the GameStop in Pryor, OK, serves as any form of hope, we certainly hope these remodels go company-wide and will allow for out-dated stores to get the updates they need.

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