Kind Words is a confessional game where real players respond to one another


Kind Words is somehow a title that went under our radar, a title that brings together the online community, sharing some of their deepest troubles, their concerns, or their fears. Somehow, this game is magical and it helps you not feel so alone in the world.

I feel like I’m trapped in an endless loop of taking classes I hate and watching my friends leave my life for better people over and over again,” one stranger writes. My heart aches for them. I’m not sure how to respond, but with a kind heart, I do respond, “I’m sorry you feel that way. In many ways, I ache for you, but I want to encourage you as well. I want you to find your place in the world, to love yourself, to know that your real friends are always there, no matter where you go. I encourage you to meet new people, find those who share an interest in the same hobbies as you, to create a circle you are comfortable with. I want to encourage you to know that it’s okay to not be okay and tell others you aren’t.

It’s reflective to much of the mindset I’ve seen before in low-fi YouTube channels once before. Except for this time, I have no idea who these people are, why they truly struggle the way they do, but I can tell they are comfortable in Kind Words, a game that encourages gamers to come together, to help one another out. Ella, she’s become a familiar face already in my almost two hours with the game.

You can send responses, stickers, and even request words of encouragement for yourself. You can even just see how people are, you can take your time, reading about world events, or even get goofy notes such as people wanting to know what kind of toppings to put on their pizza. Writing a letter, in many ways, is actually quite nice, allowing you to receive words of encouragement, sentiment, or even hope.

It’s like whispering into your pillow, allowing your identity to remain secret, and the world to not share your identity (as urged by the developer), which includes Discord or social media links, which I found, can get you in some trouble with the devs behind the game. I’ve spent time digging through the letters, finding ones about break-ups, confusion regarding a relationship, or even people just wanting advice on how to make it through the day.

In many ways, you’re a radio host, allowing your listeners – in this case – readers to remain completely anonymous alongside yourself. Sometimes, we all need a pick-me-up, and it seems that Kind Words is just that game to help us through some of our toughest moments.

If you have a letter that concerns you a bit too much, there is a report feature, which will let you report a letter you feel isn’t suitable for the game. Kind Words is out now on Steam for $4.99 USD.

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