Dying Light 2’s latest gameplay preview earned the game more than 75 awards


While Dying Light 2 is still aways out, set to launch in the spring of 2020, Techland isn’t shy to give us an even deeper look into their upcoming title, which has garnered 75 awards since E3 2019. Here’s what you need to know.

If you missed your chance to get a glimpse of Dying Light 2 during E3 2019, Techland has released their first look at the game, which privately aired during the event back in June. The video itself runs about a half-hour, giving players an in-depth look at what players should expect including major story missions, the fast-paced and intense gameplay mechanics, but even how chaotic the game can be, including the fact the settlement itself is about to lose its drinking water.

For players inexperienced with the Dying Light series or even Dead Island will find a few features to be making a return for both games, including weapon modding, crafting and even gruesome hand-to-hand combat scenarios.

It is worth noting that there seems to be more life to the terrain, rooftops have been given color, there seems to be more variety in the zombies, and weapons themselves seem like they have more impact to them. The only thing we haven’t seen just a whole lot of is how the world changes as players progress through the story.

Currently, Dying Light 2 is expected to launch in the Spring of 2020. If anything, the newest gameplay look has left us craving more of what Dying Light 2 had to offer.

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