Lionbite Games’ Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1 – Set Free, to launch Sept. 20


Lionbite Games is preparing to release their story-driven adventure game, Rain of Reflections, for PC via Steam on Sept. 20th, 2019. To celebrate the release date announcement, a trailer has been released, outlining the adventures players will experience in Chapter 1: Set Free.

Set in a world where a global epidemic causing infertility to exist, scientists have come to find a cure while Wilona, one of those very scientists, begins to have her doubts about the experiments her and the scientists have been performing on the world’s lastborn child.

Wanting to know the truth, Wilona sets off in a life-or-death quest across the pristine towers the wealthy elite call home, the flooded slums of the underclass, and the cold, sterile, and potentially lethal halls of the state’s laboratories to discover the truth behind the epidemic and the cures they are working on.

Set to play as a nail-biting turn-based strategy title, players will explore the world about them in this very mannered, delving into a rich and carefully crafted world, one where they will hack systems to open new ways forward, take on conversation with a cast of strong-willed characters, and make decisions on the fly that could very well shape the future as their characters know it.

Environments will be destructible, causing players to think outside the box whether it’s using tactical options such as stealth, subterfuge through hacking, and dialogue options to their advantage or engaging in combat as a last-resort effort. Dialogue options will matter, allowing players to defuse, outsmart, or open new dialogue options in fully voiced conversations, which can have serious implications further down the road.

Choices made can also have serious consequences, forcing your allies to have different motivations than they did before, making it so they could influence how combat ensues, or what tactical options they might have during a critical moment in a combat scenario.

These influences will continue on in the games brand-new areas which will be revealed in later chapters including Chapter 2 – Open Eye and Chapter 3 – Undercurrent, both of which will feature brand new areas including a cyberpunk district called the Cluster and an Infrared underground resistance movement and their front person, Imra, as the story unfolds.

Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1 – Set Free is set to release on Sept. 20th, exclusively on Steam. You can visit to learn more about the upcoming title today.

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