Gamescom 2019: Little Nightmares II officially announced for 2020


Prepare for Little Nightmares II as it readies another round of jump scares, exciting adventures, and a new story to tell of our favorite little girl in a yellow coat named Six. She’ll be coming our way in 2020.

Today, Tarsier Studios and BANDAI NAMCO have confirmed that they are hard at work on their next project together by the name of Little Nightmares II. Just two years ago, Six snuck into our hearts, capturing a special place as she explored a world filled with giants and monstrosities alike.

Now, as we prepare for the next chapter in her story, BANDAI NAMCO in partnership with Tarsier Studios, has revealed that Six won’t be alone in her adventurers, as Mono will be joining her and the relationship between the two children will help push the upcoming experience forward.

With the two new children working together, both Mono and Six will have new ways to adventure and traverse the deadly world they call home through the use of items they can find over the course of their adventures. The new layer of challenge could/will require that they pick up various items scattered across each of the levels, making puzzles harder, encountering enemies even more delightful, and the overall experience a whole lot more interesting.

Players wills till have the option to use stealth as their go-to playstyle, allowing them to sneak past towering enemies, complete puzzles without being caught, and even adventure outside of The Maw from Little Nightmares. You’ll explore new environments, including a dark and deadly new wilderness while facing down against new enemies such as the twisted and sadistic Teacher.

Your adventures will begin on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2020. to prepare players for their adventures, BANDAI NAMCO has revealed a Little Nightmares franchise edition which will feature both original titles and the mobile game, Very Little Nightmares, which is now available for iOS.

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