The Division 2’s first DLC will feature new areas and an ‘Expedition’ mode


The world of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is about to get larger with its first episode “D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions”, which is set to arrive on July 23rd to Season Pass holders and July 30th for all other players.

Prepare to visit the outskirts of Washington D.C. as Ubisoft prepares us for the first batch of story-based content, which is set to arrive starting on July 23rd for season pass holders and July 30th for none season pass holders. The new Expeditions mode will be built around the players searching for a lost military convoy bringing supplies to the war-torn regions of D.C.

As part of it, the first new mission that will be launching, Camp White Oak, will see players take on what’s supposed to be a ‘well-planned attack’ on the White House itself, seeing to that players attempt to bring in the traitorous Andrew Ellis himself. Alongside the mission to find Andrew Ellis comes the portion of hunting down Emeline Shaw, the leader of the notorious gang leader of the Outcasts. Your goal is simple: Eliminate her before she can re-establish the Outcast threat as part of the new story-arch being made for the game.

Now, the Expedition mode will work quite differently. In this one, Division Agents will be dropped off at Kenly College in order to locate the surviving members of a military convoy that has gone missing. The expedition is broken into three separate parts (wings if you will), each one featuring unique themes surrounding the events that will unfold, as well as a unique tone to match the situation at hand. Each area of the expedition will be released weekly instead of all at once, giving players a chance to clear out every mission before moving onto the next.

The reward for completing all three will be an exclusive “treasure room” packed “full of rewards” for those that complete the expeditions. Along with the new expeditions and story missions comes new items including the Diamondback Rifle, a new exotic weapon, the BTSU Datagloves exotic gear, and the Stoner LMG and Carbine 7 weapons that will be available following the update on July 23rd.

There will also be new classified assignments for Year 1 Pass (Season Pass) holders, including the Washington Central Aquarium and the NSA B13 site. If you think that’s all though, you are in for one last big surprise: Discover difficulty settings for the Operation Dark Hour Raid. The new difficulty will allow more players to experience the raid than ever before, allowing them to gear and weapons up to Gear Score 500 and will see that blueprints are universally available to all characters on their account.

The update will be available for testing on the PTS rather soon. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated if any further announcements are made ahead of the update’s launch.

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