E3 2019: Ten of our most anticipated games and a few we hope to see


E3 is a great event for the gaming industry and the gaming community as a whole. It’s a time when some of the biggest announcements are made, previous announcements get fully unveiled, and even a few teases manage to make it out the door. With E3 just a little over a week away, it’s time to talk about what we hope to see. So let’s get to talking.

E3 is almost upon us, which means lots of news, lots of game teases, and even quite a few shenanigans will ensue thanks to Digital Devolver and their wacky and somehow extremely over-the-top stage presence. This year, however, we’re already expecting some major key players to unveil more about their games, a few smaller devs to reveal a lot about their upcoming projects, and well, a few announcements to be made straight from the exhibition floor.

While the keynotes from key players such as Ubisoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Activision, and EA are expected to be made, we have our eyes on quite a few other publishers from around the world. Namely, Focus Home Interactive and THQ, who we expect won’t make a major presence during the E3 panels. Instead, we expect them to dominate the showroom floor, and that means, they’ve made our list of a few things we hope to see during E3. Luckily for you, this is truly a list and not one of those annoying slideshows you have to click to experience. So keep on scrolling friends.

Our Top 10 Most Anticipated Titles


10: Biomutant | THQ Nordic | Experiment 101

While we haven’t heard just a ton about Biomutant, there’s no doubt that Experiment 101 has been hard at work getting their title ready for launch. Those looking to have a post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu experience will be able to do so as they combine martial arts styled combat with that of shooting elements and the ability to use the protagonist’s mutant abilities.

You will be able to explore an open landscape, customizing your mutant, and encountering other creatures who come with their own unique personalities and abilities of their own. We just hope to see a release date get revealed as this has been on our radar for a couple of years.


9: Final Fantasy VII Remake | Square Enix

Even with much of its teasing having been well underway, we already know that Final Fantasy VII Remake is on its way, and at the helm is series veteran Tetsuya Nomura alongside returning composer Nobuo Uematsu. While we still await Part 1 of a multi-part series, Final Fantasy VII Remake, without a doubt, is one of our most anticipated titles, and with Square Enix already teasing it, we can’t wait to hear more about Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, and Barret.

The best part of it all? It seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts  III. We’re just not sure we’re ready to have our hearts broken once again by all the feels that the game will undoubtedly be shipped with when it launches for current-gen consoles in the seemingly rather near future.


8: Halo Infinite | Xbox Game Studios | 343 Industries

It seems that in recent days, Halo is finally getting its footing once again. With a PC release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection preparing for launch, 343 Industries has had their work cut out for them, but their latest endeavor will be Halo Infinite. The latest title was teased during E3 2018, since then, Microsoft has remained rather silent about their current projects.

While we are unsure what timeframe Halo Infinite will take place in or if it will even involve John-117 and Spartan Locke where they were last time we saw them both. We’re hoping it continues to finish out the Forerunner Saga, closes off the current plot, and will give us a better idea of what has been going on with Cortana.

While it has been revealed this will be an Xbox One and Xbox One X release, we’re wondering if there might be a bit more to it, and if 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios have been holding off as they’ll reveal it as an Xbox Anywhere title when it releases.


7: Beyond Good and Evil 2 | Ubisoft

As a follow-up to the PlayStation 2 classic title which released in 2003 for PlayStation 2, Ubisoft is preparing us for another wild ride in that exact same universe, but this time, in quite a different way, which sees us get a nice little treatment from actor Joseph Gordon-Levvit, whose community collaboration platform, HitRecord, has provided both original music and artwork for Ubisoft’s upcoming title.

However, we haven’t seen a lot about the game, and it feels like its been forever since we saw the original teaser in 2008, slating the game for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime before the console generation would come to an end. While it was never decided that would happen, Ubisoft continually teases us with a bit more about the game, even enough that creator Michael Ancel has teased a beta coming later this year.

Our only hope for this one? We get a solid release date at E3 2019 and that we can get our hands on it before the Spring of 2020.


6: Shin Megami Tensei V | Atlus USA

Originally teased at E3 2017 as an in-development title that will launch as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Shin Megami Tensei V has remained an elusive game, one only slightly teased here and there by producer Kazuyuki Yamai, the director of Shin Megami Tensei IV for Nintendo 3DS. Our current title, however, has remained rather silent in recent days, and it only seems that it might be getting a bit of attention when E3 begins here in the next couple of weeks.

The upcoming title will be a unique experience, as a hybrid between the charming elements of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and the demon-raising gameplay of Shin Megami Tensei IV. The studio has revealed that Shin Megami Tensei V will be using Unreal Engine 4, allowing Atlus USA to deliver a visual marvel for long-time franchise fans.

Our only question: When can we expect it? We’re thinking we’ll find out during Nintendo’s Treehouse Event at E3.


5: Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass | Devolver Digital | Croteam

If there’s any game that has our attention and press briefing that has our heads tilted to the sides, it’s going to be coming straight from Devolver Digital. With their over-the-top pre-recorded press conferences featuring actress Mahria Zook as Nina Struthers, the fictional Chief Synergy Officer for Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference, we can only expect things are going over the roof with Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass.

The reason behind this? Serious Sam has been out of the spotlight for eight years for PC fans, which puts him in a perfect spot to kick his way into the modern spotlight, giving himself more aliens to punish, bigger guns to unleash, and a lot of retro-style FPS action to enjoy. With the fact Serious Sam is going open-world, we can only expect the game to be over the top and more badass than ever before.

Let’s just hope that Devolver Digital can top this one off during E3 2019.


4: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | EA | Respawn

While many Star Wars fans remain conflicted about what Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will have to offer in terms of gameplay, cultural diversity, and the possibility of an extremely linear story, we remain optimistic about this one. We already expect a rather strong performance from Cameron Monaghan who has shown his wide range of talent from roles such as Ian Gallagher in Showtime’s long-run series Shameless and his ability to give us the “Joker” we never deserved with Jerome in Fox’s series Gotham, which just wrapped up its final season.

Now, we’re seeing him in a role he hasn’t played, a character he hasn’t given a chance to know if we will love or hate by the name of Padawan Cal Kestis who is on the run from the Emperor’s Inquisitors along with others of the Fallen Order. The only thing we don’t know? How the game will actually play. We just know it’s an action-adventure title – which in itself – hints that this could be an open world title. We’ll just have to wait and see what EA reveals during their EA Play event in the upcoming days.


3: Borderlands 3 | 2K | Gearbox

Let’s face it. We love the series, even if we want to short circuit a certain little robot companion we’ve had to deal with through four total games, with a fifth installment on the way later this year. While we know quite a bit about the game, we don’t know exactly what Gearbox has planned for Borderlands 3 outside of the fact it’s another looter-shooter, and it’s set to take place in an all-too-familiar place.

What we don’t know is what kind of content to expect. Should we expect a plethora of main-story bosses, a few arena-based side-events, and a few world-boss raids? Should we expect actual raid encounters? Well, we know there are a ton of guns, and the gameplay loop might follow in the same steps as Borderlands 2. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what they have to offer us as of E3 if they show it off.


2: DOOM Eternal | Bethesda | id Software

When the Doom Slayer made his way into the series, we knew something big was on its way when DOOM launched in 2016. Now, the vision is bigger, badder, and bloodier than ever before. It seems that vision isn’t going to change any time soon either as id Software is about to rip and tear with their latest endeavor into the franchise with a sequel to the 2016 critically-acclaimed and award-winning title.

With bigger weapons, an invasion mode, and older weapons getting a brand new coat of paint, we can’t wait to see what it has to offer, but what we do want to know is when we can expect it. For now, id Software and Bethesda have kept rather tight-lipped about that, and it seems we’ll be waiting a while to hear anything else about the game. However, the Bethesda E3 conference will surely have even more info than we ever expected to hear about the game, including a release date for those of us waiting to rip and tear through the forces of Hell.


1: Cyberpunk 2077 | CD Projekt Red

Since its tease in 2013, Cyberpunk 2077 has remained one of the most anticipated titles of this generation. Not just because of the fact it’s from famed studio CD Projekt Red who’s renowned for their massive and lived-in open-world RPG series The Witcher, but because of just how good their games actually are. With a double thumbs up from Cyberpunk 2020 creator Mike Pondsmith, Cyberpunk 2077 has already been getting a lot of word of mouth, and all of it has been rather well-received by those who got to see it played or even play it.

Our only complaint? We’ve been waiting over six years for the game and we’ve only recently been getting to hear and see more about it. We already know it’s going to change the way we experience a CD Projekt Red title, but what we don’t know, is how. Well, we kind of do, a multi-choice first-person cyberpunk title set in a dystopian future where gangs have taken over, bodies are going missing, and the player will have to take on contracts wherever they go in order to succeed in their mission.

Our only hope? We get to finally see the game hit consoles and PCs later this year or some idea of when to expect it. If everything is true, we’re about to see a lot more about it during E3 2019 as CD Projekt Red seems to be hyping it up quite a bit.

And a few we hope to hear more about


5: Man of Medan | Bandai Namco | Supermassive Games

While we haven’t heard just tons about the entirety of The Dark Pictures Anthology, we already know the team behind Until Dawn is preparing the scare the living Hell out of us once again, and this time, they’re doing it with the first entry in their anthology called Man of Medan.

The game is set to be an interactive horror-story experience, something close to that of what Until Dawn had to offer. The only thing we don’t know a lot about? If there will be any elements outside of what Supermassive Games gave us once before or if they intend on actually doing it as a survival-horror experience where players can fight back against their foes.

Truth be told, I’m on the side of “leave it as an interactive movie experience” mindset and hope that it’ll carry on with the traditions that they started in Until Dawn.


4: GTFO | 10 Chambers Collective

Now, as weird as some may see it, we talk about this one here at Blast Away the Game Review a lot, and we do it for a rather good reason. This is absolutely a game we feel will be a must have when it launches. Fans of games such as Payday and Payday 2 have a lot to look forward to from this team. They’re masters at creating hardcore cooperative experiences and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down.

GTFO is no exception to this outside of the fact it’ll be a horror-survival squad-based shooter where players will take on various missions, fight back against unimaginable threats, and work together in order to survive. The game is already slated to be a PC exclusive, but unfortunately, we’ve not heard just a whole lot about it since its initial launch, which in ways, is a little saddening as we already like what we see.

The only thing we don’t know a lot about? Well… Everything outside of what we’ve seen as 10 Chambers Collective has remained pretty tight-lipped about their upcoming title. That might change in the upcoming days as we hope to see it at E3 once again.


3: Anthem | EA | BioWare

Now, this one is the controversial one of them all. We already know Anthem seems to be in a rough spot going into E3 2019. Among the titles there, EA has already confirmed Anthem will be a major part of their showcase going in. What we don’t know is the how or the why. EA has remained pretty tight-lipped about this approach and for good reason.

BioWare recently confirmed that both BioWare Edmonton and Austin are both working on the team and they are 100% committed to the title. But here’s the problem. The game has been out for a couple of months now, and unfortunately, it’s already bleeding players faster than a severed arm due to the lack of content and a lot of still-remaining bugs. That’s also unfortunate, as BioWare’s title has a lot of potential and they’ve already set up some major tie-in’s to their live-action trailer, and their already established world.

The only thing they can do now? Announce a full overhaul to the game and give players a solid roadmap moving forward.


2: The Surge 2 | Focus Home Interactive | Deck13

One game we’ve been hoping to hear more about is The Surge 2, a title we’ve been keeping on our “must watch” list as the first title was a well-rounded action-RPG using Soulsborne style elements to drive home it’s gritty sci-fi setting. While we know it will be a sequel to the first title, we don’t know just a whole lot besides that as Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have remained relatively quiet about the title.

While we know it will use many elements from its predecessor, what we don’t know is everything else, including how character creation will actually work. We also know The Surge 2 will feature a bigger and more open world than its predecessor, giving us a lot more to work with, but also a lot more for the developers to put into their game before it launches.

But for now, we’re optimistic to save the least, and we hope to see a lot more about it during this years E3 even. If it’s a no show, there’s always the Paris Games Show this October.


1: Starfield | Bethesda | Bethesda Game Studios

When it comes to brand new IPs from Bethesda, we have a lot of interest to see what they are going to do with what they have to offer. Known for their work on games such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchises, Bethesda Game Studios is preparing for their biggest adventure yet with an all-new IP, which will take place in a sci-fi setting we’ve yet to see.

The only thing we know? It exists. What we don’t know? Everything else outside of the fact it’ll be a science fiction themed RPG set in outer space with a heavy emphasis on exploration. We just hope to hear more about it at either E3 2019 or QuakeCon 2019.

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