Hunt: Showdown’s Update 6.0 is now available and it features a new boss


As a unique twist on the Battle Royale style genre, Hunt: Showdown continues to get improvements across the board, along with some brand new features including a new boss called The Assassin to be hunted.

The long-awaited release of Update 6.0 is finally here and with it comes some massive changes and features for the game. The biggest ones to note are the brand new The Assassin boss target, an agile, swift, and deadly creature that balances engagement based on PvE and PvP situations, who will attempt to take advantage of that situation, temporarily cloning itself in order to open players up for an attack.

As his description points out (as viewed down below), he’s also extremely challenging, and he’s not for the weak at heart. This new boss is powerful, quick, and will take advantage of every situation that it can in order to take out unexpected hunters. Along with The Assassin comes a bit of lore thanks to the newly added ‘The Book of Monsters’ which is the first in a series of new books for the Library. These books will allow players to reveal more about the world they are experiencing and the backstory behind it.

Along with it comes a unique unlock system that makes new pages available to players after they complete required gameplay challenges. Main entries become available after each enemy typed is killed for the very first time. You’ll be able to unlock various other pages through mastery challenges, which will increase with difficulty over time.

For those wanting more gameplay action, you can expect to enjoy a few new weapons including the LeMat Mark II Revolver, a caplock inspired Civil War era revolver, but modernized to load cartridges rather than lead balls. The LeMat Mark II also features the ability to change from primary to secondary ammo, allowing it to use a single shotgun shell, making it a compact, and versatile weapon.

The highlight of the patch is the Bomb Lance, a custom large slot melee weapon, which is based on whaling lances of the time, and combines the power of a sharp blade and a built-in harpoon launching device. Due to its unique design, the Bomb Lance fires an explosive harpoon that will penetrate a victims flesh, allowing it to set into the flesh before tearing them apart from the inside. A successful hit won’t just debilitate an enemy, it could very well devastate any of them around. Users don’t need to worry about explosive damage to themselves on a successful hit.

If you want to learn more about the other weapons, we highly suggest checking out the extensive patch notes here. Aside from new features like the Ghoul, Vulture, and Adrenaline traits, there are some massive improvements being made to the game such as the audibility range of dynamite impact, the sound of items moving through the air, but also a new Toggle Fire-mode (X key) option to weapons that have alternate fire modes.

Weapons have been tweaked a bit making it so that Hunters take slightly less from limb shots by shotguns, Flash Bombs being reworked thanks to a radius increase, and even the flash time itself having been increased. Along with it comes players being slowed down when entangled by the Concertina wire.

The team has also addressed several performance issues including simplified collision meshes to better improve server performance, improved view distances, shadow casting of world objects to better enhance performances alongside server-side performance improvements and minor memory resource leaks that could impact performance.

You can check out the full patch notes through the official Steam post released today and stay tuned for our review of the game.

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