‘Negative Atmosphere’ brings to life everything we loved about ‘Dead Space’

With the cancellation of horror franchises such as Dead Space and Silent Hills, a new competitor has entered the market, and it looks like a promising Third-Person horror game. Let’s learn more about ‘Negative Atmosphere’ today.

When it seems that horror games, especially space-faring survival horror games, are a dying breed, there’s always someone, somewhere trying to remind you that you aren’t alone in your love for these games. One of those peoples, who I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with through Discord, is Calvin Parsons, the lead creator and developer at Sun Scorched Studios.

The project, which started out as a one-person project, is Negative Atmosphere. Negative Atmosphere is a game that truly seems inspired by those that came before it. Except there’s a catch. Unlike Isaac Clark, James Sunderland, and even Alien: Isolation‘s Amanda Ripley. It’s atmospheric, it’s dark, it’s gritty, and a protagonist that clearly hates the situation that’s unfolding right before him.

Surprisingly enough, the roughly 4.5-minute snippet gives us our first look at Samuel Edwards isn’t just another masked and silent protagonist who grunts and groans as he is attacked or is attacking the once-human creatures before him. Instead, he talks, he cusses, and overall, he acts like a human would in that situation.

With a small team now under the umbrella to bring the game to life, Sun SCorched Studios is looking to bring their game out in the next year or so, with a PC demo looking to be released later on.

The team has already made it clear that they are hoping to drum up enough interest with that demo in order to start up a Kickstarter campaign to fund their game. Until that time, the studio has opted to run a Patreon fund up until that point, which will help fund their project but will also help build the game to a point where they can start with a campaign through Kickstarter, or alternatively, use Patreon to keep it going.

Regardless, we highly advise you check out the project’s official Patreon page and even stay tuned into their Subreddit and Discord feeds to keep up to date with the project. It’ll definitely be one to keep your eyes on moving forward.

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