Mortal Kombat 11: Here’s a look at the base-game roster so far


As the April 23, 2019, release date for Mortal Kombat 11 quickly approaches, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the ever-growing roster, and have so far kept note of all confirmed characters up to this point.  But also, we’ve kept a keen eye on every bit of news coming from Netherrealm Studios.

Over the past few days, I’ve had plenty of time to sit down at my PlayStation 4 over the course of a weekend. During that time, things got a bit crazier than I remembered. Raiden traveled back in time to stop Shao Kahn from taking his spot as the ruler of the multiverse (sound familiar Injustice fans?).

Raiden became a red-eyed asshole, Liu Kang and Kitana became the rulers of the Nettherealm, Scorpion turned human, Sonya Blade and Jonny Cage were once again at each others throat, and somewhere, somehow, Mileena decided to try and take over Outworld with the help of Rain, Tanya, and a few other lackies.

In online multiplayer, matches turned into a world of Predators vs. Alien while Leather Face was going Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Jason’s backside (insert stupid joke here). To be honest, it’d been nearly three years since I’d jumped into the world of Mortal Kombat X and plenty more since the days of Mortal Kombat IX: Komplete Edition and plenty more since the days of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation‘s amazing gameplay mechanics, character creation, and roster that was absolutely filled to the brim.

Now, Mortal Kombat 11 is on its way and fans are already excited for the ever-growing roster while their hearts break as it was confirmed that Scooby Doo companion Shaggy won’t be entering the tournament what-so-ever. But even then, we have quite a few characters to be happy with thanks to some of them being new and others being long-time fan favorites that have been missing for a game or two.


The Roster so far

As we prepare for Mortal Kombat 11, there are a few things you need to know aside from the returning cast including Baraka, Kabal, Skarlet, and a few others that have been absent for what feels like a good minute or three. First, Shaggy isn’t happening as much as it breaks my heart to say. Secondly, we have a lot more quite possibly on their way and it doesn’t seem that Netherrealm is holding back by any means necessary.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like fighters such as Rain, Khameleon, Brahmin, Li Mei or even Nitara, will be making their return in this latest title. But here’s who has been confirmed so far in Neatherrealms latest trailers and announcements:

Baraka: Unfortunately, we aren’t sure which version Baraka this actually is. After the events of Mortal Kombat X; Baraka met a grizzly end when D’Vorah took his life during our latest adventure. However, with the Elder Gods coming around, it’s likely that Kronika has something to do with his return.

Bi-Han (Noob Saibot): Originally known as Sub-Zero in the early years of Mortal Kombat, Bi-Han was resurrected by the sorcerer and necromancer, Quan Chi, Bi-Han took over the new identity as Noob Saibot, allowing him to distance himself from his former identity. Since his time assisting Quan Chi in casting a massive soul storm (Soulnado), he has barely been seen since his younger brother Kuai Liang, formerly known as Tundra, has taken up the name of Sub-Zero.

However, he has barely been seen since his defeat by Nightwolf in the events of Mortal Kombat and remains hidden deep within the shadows. It is not known if he is being resurrected once again by Quan Chi or if he was ever truly destroyed.

Cassie Cage: Taking notes from both her mother and father; Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage; Cassie Cage is one of Earth’s Defenders in the tournament known as Mortal Kombat. Teaming up with both Earthrealm and Outworld fighters, Cassie is a unique blend of both Blade and Cage. We’re certain we’ll see her relationship with her colleagues grow as they hunt down Raiden as he turns his back on everything he swore to protect.

Cetrion: While the Elder God’s remain silent in the war between Outworld, Netherrealm and Earthrealm, the Elder God’s have remained silent up until this very point. As the daughter of Kronika, sister to Shinnok, Cetrion herself is the Elder God of Nature and Life. Her abilities allow her to control the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air elements herself. Little is known about her, but it does seem she may be breaking the same vows the rest have kept, which is one that barred those like herself from meddling in mortal affairs.

D’Vorah: Serving under the rule of Kotal Kahn, D’Vorah is a unique asset to his ruling power as she assists him in his civil war against Mileena and her usurpers. As a species of colonial insects known as the Kytinn, she was a valuable asset to Kotal Kahn before it was revealed she was a spy for Quan Chi himself.

Erron Black: After the events that unfolded in Mortal Kombat X, Erron Black has been revealed to be a loyal servant to Kotal Kahn, serving as an enforcer for the Emperor. However, he has proved himself lacking, easily being defeated by Jin Kung in Kombat after the Earthrealmer decided to interfere with Outworld affairs. Later in, he was seen fighting against Takeda as Cassie Cage and company escaped their cells, allowing the fighters to attempt escaping to Earthrealm itself.

Upon the discovery of Shinnok looking to destroy Earthrealm, Kotal Kahn comes to the conclusion that Outworld is next, which leads to him looking to bide his time, seeking to destroy Eathrealm’s fighters, allowing them to build up their defenses. However, in retaliation, Sub-Zero and his clan attack Erron Black and Kotal’s forces, allowing the Earthrealmers to escape, leaving the fate of Erron Black and Kotal’s forces to retreat back to Outworld for the time being.

Geras: As a protector or guardian to Kronika, Geras will prove to be a formidable foe for Raiden in his conquest to tear the realms apart and bring an end to any opposition that faces him. While little is known about him, it seems as if there is a good chance he’s a divine being of some form or another and serves alongside or just under Kronika herself.

Kabal: In the history of the series, Kabal was a reformed defector of the Black Dragon gang run by Kano himself. Working side-by-side with Kurtis Stryker, they worked to confront both Mileena and Reptile during the Outworld invasion, however, he was severely burned by Kintaro during the initial attack. However, after a few encounters, he finally falls at the heels of Sindel before being resurrected as part of Shinnok’s army that seeks to tear down the very foundations of both Earthrealm and Outworld alike.

Kano: At the end of Mortal Kombat X, Kano is still in custody following the events of him betraying Kotal Kahn during the Outerworld Civil War led by Mileena and her friend’s Rain, Tanya, and the Tarkatan’s who have grown frustrated with their slave-like repression. As a weapon smuggler, Kano played an important role in the Civil War itself. Now under custody, we can only wonder how he will escape and what role he will play in this new and upcoming battle.

The Kollector: Having served under the ranks of former Outworld emperor Shao Khan, The Kollector became one of the former Emperor’s most feared servants. He was renowned for his ability to steal riches from Outworld’s people, rewarding himself with wealth, and status through his mafia-like doings. As all corruption came to an end, The Kollector found himself in hiding once Kotal Kahn began to weed out the corruption left behind by Shao Kahn. Now that he has been captured, The Kollector faces execution and is determined to eliminate any who get in his way of survival.

Kitana: At the end of Mortal Kombat X, we saw Kitana and her beloved Liu Kang walking forth, both having been resurrected by Quan Chi himself after having been killed by her mother, the former Queen Sindel herself. Now resurrected as a corrupted version of herself, she could quite easily be facing down against the corrupted Raiden, looking to protect the Netherrealm from destruction by Raiden’s hand as its ruling Queen.

Kung Lao: In the events of Mortal Kombat X, Kung Lao has returned, but as a member of the Netherrealm forces and as one of Quan Chi’s revenants who is become enraged with Raiden after having watched his brother die at the hands of Shao Khan in the events of Mortal Kombat (2011). At this time, he remains a revenant and a member of the Netherrealms forces and is the cousin to Earthrealm fighter Kung Jin.

Kronika: Kronika is entering the fray alongside her companion Geras. Kronika is the Keeper of Time and the Architect of the Destiny of the Universe itself. Due to Raiden’s new brutal policies and ways of keeping balance by crushing potentially evil forces that could threaten Earthrealm itself, she sees Raiden’s new attempts as an imbalance between both good and evil and now seeks to rebalance the order of things by rewriting the very timeline of the universe itself. Some say Kronika is the God of all creation as we know it.

She is also the mother to both Shinnok and Cetrion.

Liu Kang: As one of the original defenders of Earthrealm, Liu Kang has been a valuable member of the teams seeking to keep the Outworld and Netherrealm intrusions at bay. Unfortunately, Liu Kang would fall at the hands of Shao Kahn in the latest story-arch and soon be resurrected by Quan Chi as one of his revenants and eventually, the King of the Netherrealm alongside Kitana herself.

Raiden: After working with the Earthrealm fighters, Raiden has yet to overcome his regret over the deaths of Liu Kang and Kung Lao after the events of both Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat X. Unfortunately, he was heavily damaged by Shinnok and the revenants who took over the treasured Jinsei Chamber. Even after Earthrealm fighters were able to capture Shinnok once again, Raiden would find himself healed, purifying the Jinsei Chamber while drawing energy from Shinnok himself.

At the end of Mortal Kombat X, only to later be seen in the epilogue to toss the still-living head of Shinnok towards both Liu Kang and Kitana, threatening the new Netherrealm rulers that he will show no mercy to those that threaten Earthrealm itself.

Scorpion: In the events leading up to Mortal Kombat 11, Hanzo, formally known as Scorpion, has managed to return to his human state, allowing him to make amends with Sub-Zero after having learned that Quan Chi was responsible for the murder of his clan. He, however, betrayed Raiden and Earthrealm’s forces by single-handedly kidnapping Quan Chin and challenging him a decision-ending final battle where he emerged victorious, forcing those who were brought back to life as revenants of Quan Chi to remain as they were and unfreed from their bonds. He was last seen having been knocked out by Shinnok during the events of Mortal Kombat X towards the end of the story.

Shao Khan: Having fallen in Mortal Kombat (2011), Shao Khan remains dead after having been taken out by Raiden who used all the power of the Elder God’s in order to destroy his opponent. While dead, Shao Khan’s hammer and hammer both remain active, one under the watchful gaze of Quan Chi himself while the other remains with Reiko who fights fiercely under the Outworld banner. How he will return is unknown, but with his return, it is noticed that his arm is undergoing some form of transformation.

Skarlet: Having been primarily absent in the latest series, Skarlet is a returning servant of Shao Kahn himself, one that declares herself as his daughter. As part of the uprising against Kotal Kahn, she serves Kotal Kahn and Reiko with a fierce and unwavering loyalty as she is also an immortal bound in the Blood Code itself. The last time Skarlet was seen, she was a captive of Mileena’s and was to be tortured as Mileena sees fit.

Sonya Blade: As a leader within Earthrealm’s defense force against both Outworld and the Netherrealm, Sonya Blade’s role in Mortal Kombat remains a key piece in the events that unfold throughout the ‘rebooted’ timeline. She remains alive with her family, including Johnny Cage and their daughter Cassie Cage after having captured and defeating both Shinnok and D’Vorah. She remains alert, however, of Kano’s whereabouts, holding a grudge against the leader of the Black Dragon’s themselves.

Sub-Zero: After the events of the latest entry, Sub-Zero, better known as Grandmaster Sub-Zero or Kuai Liang at this time, remains one of the fiercest warriors Earthrealm has to offer. With the Lin Kuei clan now having reached into Outworld and obtained a female frost dragon having had eggs, Sub-Zero would freeze the eggs. The dragonlings would accept their Lin Kuei masters and would eventually be trained as kombat mounts with the Lin Kuei as their leaders. It is hinted at, they will remain a part of the story moving forward and Sub-Zero will play a larger role in the upcoming multi-verse event.


Official Release Date

Along with all the trailers comes an official release date with Mortal Kombat 11 planned to release on April 23, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Meanwhile, you can check out our hands-on impressions of the closed beta for Mortal Kombat 11 while you wait to test your skills in Mortal Kombat.

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