‘Borderlands: Game of the Year’ users are now reporting issues on PlayStation 4 Pro


Just hours after its release and an odd issue has occurred. PlayStation 4 Pro users are now reporting performance and screen tearing issues while other consoles and hardware remain unaffected.

Update: We’ve included mention of PC issues now surfacing as well.

Original: Since its launch, those playing Borderlands: Game of the Year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are able to relive some of their greatest memories or even experience the game that helped bring the looter shooter genre to actual life (sorry Hellgate: London). But, for some, the memories are being tainted by an odd and annoying bug that somehow exists and is plaguing only a handful of users that are having a chance to play the game.

Going to Reddit, as we’ve been hit with this bug as well on  PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, it seems that users are experiencing much the same, but the odd part is, it’s only affecting the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware, leaving Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC, and PlayStation 4 (slim/standard) users out of the mix. On our own end, we’ve been experiencing noticeable framerate drops and screen tearing rather often and it doesn’t seem to be exclusive to PS4 Pro users in the means of lost FPS.

Some users on PC are reporting a similar issue regardless of their hardware, one stating that he’s only averaging around 43 fps in 1080p on a rather beefy rig, which should be running the game at 150+ fps without a hitch. Another even stating that switching zones has absolutely caused a framerate problem, “Game plays fine 141 fps locked (144hz monitor but use RTSS to limit to 141fps for gsync) 2560×1440. I have zero issues during gameplay in zone A. I go from zone A to zone B, no issues keep playing. I return to zone A, frame rate basically gets cut in half. If I then turn around and go back into zone B again, fps tanks even further to 4-15fps.”

However, the issues aren’t limited there. Those of us playing it together have even noticed after a few hours of gameplay, textures begin to cease from loading in, leaving muddied terrains laying about while also leaving us to deal with steady framerate losses, something we didn’t experience with previous versions of the game.

But on another note, many users are confirming that this issue, namely screen tearing, has been limited to the PlayStation 4 Pro version of the game. While Gearbox has remained rather silent in the matter, users are awaiting news of an upcoming patch that could fix this issue, and if so, when it will be released. This isn’t the first time this has happened as one user by the name of Deftones034 pointed out that Gearbox “had issues with the Handsome Collection at launch with screen tearing and they did fix it.”

At this time, Gearbox hasn’t responded to the quite a few threads on Reddit, but as all good things come, patience will be key for a patch to be deployed. Regardless of the visual anomalies, we’re still enjoying the game, and we’re one CL4P-TP away from cracking open the vault.

We’ve reached out to the publisher for a comment and will update accordingly.

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