Borderlands fans are review bombing the series over Epic Games Store exclusivity


The latest action may be a reason for Epic Games to refuse user reviews on their store as Borderlands gets review bombed over Borderlands 3 being a six month exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

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‘Borderlands: Game of the Year’ users are now reporting issues on PlayStation 4 Pro


Just hours after its release and an odd issue has occurred. PlayStation 4 Pro users are now reporting performance and screen tearing issues while other consoles and hardware remain unaffected.

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Borderlands just got a ton of love at PAX, including a Borderlands 3 announcement


If you’re a Borderlands fan, you’ll have a lot of reasons to let your jaw hit the floor, and it’s not including the one billion possible guns in Borderlands 3, but also the fact that Borderlands Remaster is on its way for all current platforms, minus the Switch.

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Before Destiny, There was Hellgate: London

hellgate-london If I were to talk about a first-person action-RPG with shooter elements, in a futuristic wasteland, that contained randomly generated maps and loot, along with six unique classes along with hundreds of hours worth the replayability, what game would you begin to think of? You would quite possibly swear the loot-grind filled titles I was talking about would either be Borderlands or Destiny.

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This Borderlands Themed NES is Insane


What happens when you cross Borderlands with a classic Nintendo Entertainment System? You somehow get some of the coolest opportunities out there. You can make your NES look like CL4P-TP, even a D374-TP for that matter. However, what if you decided to be creative and throw all that away and do something a bit more unique? Like, you know, a Hyperion themed loot box for that matter.

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The Nintendo Switch and Borderlands 3 Won’t be Happening and What This Means for the Switch


Courtesy of Gearbox

If you’ve ever wondered if Nintendo’s upcoming console that has set the world into a frenzy would be getting Borderlands 3, you’d be heavily mistaken at this bit of news, and it’s partially due to the company who is about to attempt shaking the world. While Gearbox hasn’t confirmed the new game will be titled Borderlands 3, it’s safe to assume this isn’t happening, especially when Randy Pitchford himself comes out and makes that abundantly clear.

His response was plenty clear when responding to the original tweet and there is a bit of resounding disappointment from fans of both the new console and Gearbox themselves. This continues on to prove the point Nintendo has a lot to work on in order to keep fans entertained. With this news, it proves that Nintendo may not have what it takes to prove that, and keep ups as entertained as we would hope.

As fans already own consoles and PCs that can play the game, it’d be safe to bet that Nintendo and Gearbox have a lot to work on together in order to keep their fans amused and rather entertained. With a subscription cost and everything coming with their new console, they need something to look forwards to, and Borderlands 3 would have been the game to do that.

Will this deter you from getting a Nintendo Switch if you are preparing to get one? Let us know in the comments.

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