Prodeus, the retro-style shooter is almost halfway to its Kickstarter goal in 3 days


Earlier this year we wrote about ’19 Nindies and Indies to look forward to in 2019′ and it seems one of them might become a reality in less than three days since it went live on Kickstarter.

In what seems like the second coming of a golden-age for retro-style FPS shooters, it’s hard to ignore those games that are helping usher in the shooters of the 90s and early 2000s in any shape or form. Surprisingly enough, one of them has taken to Kickstarter to help make the game a possibility for Mike Voeller and Jason Mojica, the two-man team behind the indie title Prodeus that made our list of ‘Nindies and Indies: 19 Indies to look forward to in 2019‘.

In less than 48 hours, the duo has already raised more than $21,880 of their $52,500 goal, which will help bring their retro-style shooter, Prodeus, to life. But what makes this game so special? Both Voller and Mojica are industry veterans having worked on games such as Singularity and Payday 2(one of my personal favorites).

In an interview with OnlySP, Mojica explains a bit about how he met Voller and what inspired them to develop Prodeus, “Mike and I met a little over 10 years ago at Raven Software. We both started on a project called Singularity, a game about time travel and time manipulation. While this was our first industry project, Mike and I were both participants in the Half-Life 2 Modding scene before that.

Fast forward 10 years, I was working in Sweden on Payday 2 and Mike had just gone full-time indie dev. We had talked about going indie a few times over the years but weren’t able to get things off the ground. Eventually, I made the decision to leave Starbreeze on December 31, 2017, with no plan in mind, but Mike was the first person I contacted to see what he was up to. He showed me this small visual demo he had put together and it sparked my interest quite a bit.


Chiming in, Voeller continues, telling OnlySP that he had worked on an idea for a retro-styled FPS game, having worked on it for a few months before Mojica contacted him, looking for something to do, which led to them working on Prodeus together. You can stay tuned as we’ve requested our very own interview about Prodeus, but you can also check out the full OnlySP interview today!

Meanwhile, those of you looking to help Kickstart(er) Prodeus can do so today, earning goodies such as a digital copy of the game, exclusive Kickstarter desktop wallpapers, Discord roles, or even your name in the credits. Currently, the team aims to develop Prodeus with a single-player campaign, level editor, and even the option to play the game in retro-pixelated graphics or a more modernized 3D mode.

The two have released a roadmap for their game, which does see consoles, including Switch, added to their development cycle:

  • Early access (fall 2019): Comes first with a bunch of enemies, weapons, and a few hours of gameplay, level editor + content sharing. Targeting PC platforms.
  • Full release (2020): More enemies, more weapons, more levels, Multiplayer, Co-op, tons of new content to map with. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch consoles are all targeted for the full release, but not guaranteed.
  • Content Updates (2020 – 2021): New mini-campaign, more enemies, weapons, etc.

Currently, Prodeus is up on Kickstarter for the next 26 days and could see the Kickstarter conclude within the week at its current rate of funding.

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