‘Someday You’ll Return’ has received a brand new trailer and it’s pretty trippy


Announced last year by CBE Software, Someday You’ll Return promises to take players on a narratively-driven psychological field trip into a mysterious world in the ancient Moravian forests in the Czech Republic, but what they didn’t tell us, just how creepy it will actually be.

Since its announcement, Someday You’ll Return has been on our radar as one of the most anticipated up-and-coming psychological horror titles of this generation. While it is an indie title, the game is already creepy enough as it is and its first story trailer is just about as trippy and creepy as one might imagine.

In Someday You’ll Return, you’ll take on the role of Daniel. Daniel’s daughter, Stela, has run away, and now it’s up to him to find her and bring her home from wherever she has gone, but there’s a catch. Daniel has vowed to never return to the Moravian forests that are nestled in the deep and winding heels of the Czech Republic. Except, now secrets that should have been long forgotten, buried deep in the past, are coming to the surface.


Someday You’ll Return is expected to release this September for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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