‘Someday You’ll Return’ has received a brand new trailer and it’s pretty trippy


Announced last year by CBE Software, Someday You’ll Return promises to take players on a narratively-driven psychological field trip into a mysterious world in the ancient Moravian forests in the Czech Republic, but what they didn’t tell us, just how creepy it will actually be.

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Opinion: Lets Talk Xbox Scorpio. Is it too Late for Microsoft?


Forza Motorsport 7 Unveil Still. Courtesy of Microsoft Studios

Just a few days ago we saw Microsoft unveil their super-secretive console. It’s a console that Microsoft has finally eliminated the mystique that was associated with its name. The console, according to Microsoft, aims to be a power house. It aims to be a console that will redefine how we see home console gaming in this current age of gaming. It’s a console that Microsoft seems mindset will change how we see their console life-cycles, and most importantly: it’s their end game.

For years, it was difficult to not encounter someone who backed Microsoft with the Xbox 360. It was a console to be reckoned with due to Sony’s shortcomings with the PlayStation 3. Sony was being devastated not because of a lackluster library, but instead by a console that struggled to maintain a steady pace with the Xbox 360. It was a console that even developers struggled developing with due to its outdated architecture in a comparison to Microsoft’s developer friendly Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is also a console that, to this day, still has a massive library in comparison thanks to its first party franchises, party chat support, and easily accessible navigation menus.

However, in that note, Sony has made a massive comeback with their PlayStation 4. It is a console that has almost steadily remained selling 2:1 against Microsoft’s Xbox One. the problem with this ratio is the simple fact that Microsoft was in that spot this time around last generation. They were making leaps and bounds against Sony in sales. However, those numbers have changed in recent years as the PlayStation 3 has finally begun to outsell the 360 on the global scale. According to VGChartz, the PlayStation 3 has officially broke the 86.6 million units sold globally while the Xbox 360 sits still at 85.7. This number shows that both consoles sold a lot, they both had a lot of owners, but the Xbox 360 still won in Europe and North America where it sold the strongest.

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Hitman Update 1.03 Now Available for Download


If you’ve been playing Hitman, you know there’s a few new things now available if you’ve logged into your game. As of today the Vampire Magician Challenge Pack is now available, improvements to load times have been made, and quite a few more fixes have been released with it. For players on all platforms getting ready to play the game, you’ll see some heavy improvements on the title.

The new update includes the Vampire Magician Challenge Pack, which includes 10 new challenges inspired by how the community has been playing the game. This is a nice little for those who are wanting to see how the game develops in the future. As players undergo these challenges, they’ll find themselves wearing the games new “Vampire Magician” disguise, which will allow players to take down targets using a range of new methods.

As stated, load times have been heavily improved for fans playing the game. Most of these improvements will be notable when loading the mission “The Showstopper”. With that, they’re also heavily working on improving all load times within the game even more. With it menus have been made more responsive while loading images that allows for the games image caching system to improve.

Read below for the rest of the fixes:

Fixed issues with scoring
Primarily, this fixes an issue that resulted in many players earning a “0 second” time bonus and an incorrect score of 210,000. A leaderboard reset will be implemented at a later date.

Continued improvements to connectivity
Server stability improvements.

Missing ‘Requiem Pack’ items have been restored
For those affected, these items will now be available to choose from the planning screen again.

Fixed numerous issues that were causing crashes
General improvements to game stability.
A dedicated thread on the Official HITMAN Forums for Update 1.03 has been created.
Please join the discussion there with your feedback.

Our Take:

With the game being an episodic title, the game has already seen some massive changes for the length of time it has been out. These changes have also seen quite a few fixes, which is nice to see, and highly appreciated by fans wanting things to work.

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