For Honor’s Special Event ‘Black Prior’s Ripose’ starts today


With the Wu Lin having joined the fight in For Honor as part of its Year 3 roadmap, it’s now time to explore a new Year 3 Seasonal Event with Black Prior’s Riposte, which runs from March 14th, 2019, until March 28th, 2019.

Starting today, For Honor fans can jump into the first Year 3 seasonal event with ‘Black Prior’s Riposte’, which is set to run until March 28th, 2019, across all platforms. The event will tell the story of the Black Priors and their decisive role within the history of the For Honor world and it will also allow players to gather exclusive in-game rewards during this time.

During the event, players will get a chance to re-live one of the greatest battles to ever occurred in the Faction War called ‘The Battle of Attrition’. This new limited-time 4v4 mode is a variation of the Dominion mode and features its own unique set of rules. These rules include each zone being worth 500 points, they can’t be recaptured by Defenders once they are captured and attackers can gain points by conquering side zones in this mode.

Defenders will gain points by killing soldiers along with enemy players, restoring their points they lost. To even the odds, both teams will be able to capture the main lane, which is worth 500 points on its own. The goal is simple. The first team to hit 1000 points will break the enemy team, setting up the opposing team for victory. Here, you will also be able to undertake thematic daily orders, each retracting the story of the Battle of Attrition from each faction’s perspective.

Additionally, owners of the Marching Fire expansion can enjoy unique weekly quests via the Arcade mode itself. Additionally, the event does come with a variety of customization items and rewards themed around the event including outfits, weapons, mood effects, emotes, and even ornaments for you to obtain. The Black Prior’s Riposte Bundles can be picked up for 30,000 Steel per Hero (the prices will vary based on the items you have unlocked already through your progress).

Another feature comes new Anima outfits with animal effects, which will be available from now until April 1st, 2019, at 20,000 Steel per Hero.

“For Honor’s Year 3, Year of the Harbinger, will continue to bring new content throughout 2019, including unique seasonal in-game events with each upcoming season.”

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated as more content is released for For Honor in the days ahead.

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