Project Genesis closed playtest access announced by 8 Circuit Studios


In an astonishing announcement, indie developer 8 Circuit Studios has announced that they will officially begin closed testing for their self-funded indie title by the name of Project Genesis. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you’ve been following 8 Circuit Studios, you know this ambitious and young company has some exciting news to share when they talk about the use of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other collaboration tools to build the Metaverse, a digital universe envisioned in novels by William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and smash-hit blockbuster films like Ready Player OneTRON, and The Matrix.

With a ton of veterans from games under their belt, 8 Circuit Studios has been hard at work in their Seattle-based studio, working hard at developing a new ecosystem where gamers, developers, and publishers can collaborate together in order to bring around the gaming Metaverse sooner than we’d ever have thought.

The first game seeking to do that just happens to be directly from their team by the name of Project Genesis, a title that sees to players piloting massive spaceships while taking time to infiltrate another players ship in their pursuit for glory and galactic domination over those that they encounter. The interesting part about it all? It’ll be set within a persistent universe that will constantly grow, evolve, and allow interconnected virtual worlds to work together and even allow gamers to experience their games without any form of boundaries.

8 Circuit Studios has also confirmed that they will be using Ethereum cryptocurrency in order to create, attribute, and safeguard any and all digital assets using a Smart Game Objects, which you can own and store, along with your cryptocurrency from playing, in your virtual wallet where it’s safe and secure.

The studio has also announced, that starting today, that they are officially about to begin starting their playtest access starting on February 1, 2019, at 3pm PST. Contributors in the closed playtesting have become advocates through Project Genesis‘ social media platforms such as Discord as part of their advocacies. During the closed-testing phases, 8 Circuit Studios has revealed that their feedback will be used to analyze the development and production of the game.

The team has revealed that they are looking to expand their closed playtester base through their official site for Project Genesis. You can find more information via here if you want to sign-up and participate.

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