Bannermen set to launch on PC on Feb. 21, trailer released


Set to launch on Feb. 21, 2019, Bannermen, an upcoming RTS from Pathos Interactive and publisher 2tainment GmbH, will have players take on classic RTS elements in an expansive gameworld that they will either dominate in or see the world fall right before their eyes. Here’s everything you need to know.

In a surprise announcement made today from 2tainment GmbH and Pathos Interactive, fans of classic RTS games can prepare for the upcoming titles release set for Feb. 21, 2019, as details about the game have been revealed. Players can get a good idea of the realm of Valtoria, a low-fantasy medieval world that has been ravaged by decades of war, starvation, and natural disasters as armies seek to invade one another and kingdoms crumble before their ruler’s eyes.

In this upcoming title, you will find classic RTS elements such as the ability to build your bases, establish a form of resource management, and entangle yourself within the confines of environmental magic that has yet to be explored. The spells will allow you to summon lightning strikes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and even more deadly spells down the road. Each of them capable of turning the tides of battle in the favor of those who wield them through one of the games four modes of play.


2tainment is always looking for great games and great developers, and we’ve found both with Bannermen and Pathos Interactive,” said Alexander Wagner, Product Manager, at 2tainment GmbH. “We think fans of RTS games will appreciate Pathos’ fresh approach to the genre and are excited for the upcoming release of the game.

In this lethal world, you will take on the role of Lord Berrian as he seeks to reclaim his kingdom’s former glory, finding his bannermen, and taking on a host of tribes that seek to destroy the kingdom and those who stand to defend it and erect it once again. In this story, you will also take on the dark Lord Karthor through your adventures, using powerful nature abilities, using natural phenomena as mentioned before to cause massive damage through the use of lightning strikes; dust storms to blind your foes for a stealthy approach.

Bannermen will feature a fully story-driven campaign where each mission contains varied forms of gameplay and challenges that are designed to push the narrative forward as players overcome the obstacles that await them. Once complete, players can also move forward to online multiplayer modes where they can push their way up the games online ladders to show other players who is the best of the best and why they earned their rightful spot.

Bannermen is set to launch as a PC exclusive on Feb. 21 via Steam. Stay tuned as we have reached out to acquire a copy for review and streaming purposes.

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