Rumor: Loot boxes coming to Fallout 76 in an upcoming update


Whether you like them are not, loot boxes are a thing and it seems that the latest game to possibly use them is Fallout 76, which was originally stated not to get them. Now, it seems things may be changing after Reddit noticed some startling changes in the games changelog file.

Every so often, I get a wild hair and decide to take to Reddit and see what kind of changes are coming to Fallout 76Defiance 2050 among several other games I happen to play. To be honest, Reddit is actually a great place to get your information from if you don’t mind digging around and joining the conversation every once in a while.

Now, it seems that things are getting a little heated over on the official Fallout 76 subreddit once again. This time, it’s because Bethesda seems to be gearing up to add their “Lunch Box” style system from Fallout Shelter into the troubled game. While the name is quite different than “loot box”, there’s not much different as they can contain an assortment of items from game-changing bonuses to bonus items that affect your cosmetics as you play.

In a recent post on the Fallout 76 subreddit, Despotak – the contributing redditor – gave us a look at the upcoming log. Throughout the log, it’s hard not to take notice about the biggest change that seems like it’s on the way including the lunch boxes themselves, which includes the following effects that actually influence the way the game is played:

  • No hunger and thirst effects
  • Party favors and gift bags
  • Various bonuses
  • Damage resistances
  • XP Buffs

According to JesMaine, a redditor in the post, pointed out that the prefix “ATX” translates to the Atom Shop tag within the games actual code, which gives us an idea that these lunch boxes may be available in the Atom Shop itself rather than earned. According to the log (if you dig through it), you’ll notice that there are lines that include ‘confetti’ and ‘balloons’ along with the kazoo sound effect when one is opened.

Along with these subtle little celebrations that will seemingly occur when you open one, it’s also worth noting that there is a select few lines of codes from the Reddit post that should get your attention:


  • EN_EventTimerLength for Enclave Event Master Quest increased from 300.000000 to 600.000000
  • POST_ATX_Lunchbox_BuffDurationGlobal for MTX lunchboxes/serums increased from 915.000000 to 1815.000000
  • POST_ATX_Lunchbox_ConfettiChance EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_ConfettiChance
  • POST_ATX_Lunchbox_BuffRadiusGlobal EDID changed to zzz_RECLAIM_BuffRadiusGlobal
  • POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_FortifyXPBonus EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_FortifyXPBonus
  • POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_CarryCapacityBonus EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_CarryCapacityBonus
  • POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_DMGBonus EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_DMGBonus
  • POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_RadResistBonus EDID changed to zzz_RECLAIM_Effect_RadResistBonus

In previous statements, Bethesda had stated that their store would only be a home for cosmetic items that could be unlocked through microtransactions and or Atmos players earn through playing the game. However, it is worth noting, that hunger and damage resistances are far from cosmetic and do alter how the game is experienced.

The only thing we can assume at this time is that it does seem that the lunch boxes themselves could be part of an upcoming holiday event according to several lines in the changelog itself. Our hope is that they are temporary and not a long-term solution for the quality of life for the game. We’ve reached out to Bethesda for more clarification on the mention of Lunch Boxes in the changelog itself.

Fallout 76 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unsure about the game? Check out our review for the PlayStation 4 version of the game today.

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