Streamlabs Facemasks are now available through an Augmented Reality update


In an update having gone live recently for Streamlabs OBS, users can now use Augmented Reality to take their streams to the very next level through the Streamlabs OBS’ Facemask update, which implements 3D animations to map out streamers face. 

As Streamlabs OBS continues to make way into becoming one of the most popular live stream tools for content creators to use; Streamlabs has continually worked day and night in order to ensure their users they can have a more than customizable experience through new tools that are readily available to them for use.

The latest version comes in the form of an Augmented Reality feature called Facemasks. these 3D masks can be enabled when viewers donate money to their favorite streamers through their Streamlabs tip page (URL is required from the streamer). During this time, the checkout option will be available for them to pick a facemask from a selection of randomly generated free masks to use.

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When this option is selected, a 3D masks will appear over the users face when a tip is made. Just like with donation alerts that you see when a tip is made, the content creator will keep 100% of all Facemask donations when they are made. According to Streamlabs’ early data, viewers enjoy this level of control, which means more money for the streamers that they love and support. According to the report, revenue for the streamers fans know and love has increased by 30% on average for those who have the Facemasks enabled on their channel.

‘“Facemasks are tapping into an entirely new audience that may not have been normally interested in tipping,” said Ali Moiz, CEO of Streamlabs. “We now realize that Facemasks are deeply additive to the production quality of a stream and could be the next evolution in viewer interaction.

What may have lead to this growth is the fact viewers enjoy using Facemasks much like how they use emotes in the streamers chat. Much like how a streamer talks to their fans. As one may expect, Facemasks are only available in Streamlabs OBS and are designed to use minimal resources on a streamers machine as they game. Competitors like Facerig do require streamers to use a dedicated streaming PC in order to do all the data processing while gamers play on a second machine.

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In their latest update, Streamlabs has confirmed they have released a total of 38 masks with a plethora of masks currently in the works. At this time, Streamlabs has confirmed that more masks will be in the store inventory of a streamer for future use and will be available indefinitely.

With a feature like this, it’s not hard to imagine why Streamlabs is quickly becoming the most used streaming software to date. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated regarding Streamlabs information as it is released.

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