You can now pre-order Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 on Amazon


Now that the 20% discount is gone, Sony and Amazon have seemingly come to an agreement as pre-orders for Spider-Man have now opened up completely and allows for PlayStation 4 owners to obtain a physical copy of the game.

This whole deal with Amazon and video gaming has gotten a bit ridiculous if we may say-so-ourselves. First, you could get any game you wanted, regardless of its edition, and get 20% off. Then, you couldn’t. Sony games were removed from Amazon’s market when it came to pre-ordering some of this year’s most anticipated titles including Spider-ManGod of War, and even Detroit: Become Human, games that could literally be considered some of this years fastest-selling titles and biggest hits on the market.

Now, after the Prime Discounts have been completely removed, pre-orders for the physical copies of the game have opened up a week after Amazon began distributing digital codes of the game via their Amazon Digital Services. Those who do pre-order through Amazon will receive a $10 USD credit towards other Amazon purchases after their purchase of the game.

But the bright side is, Sony is back and you can open start pre-ordering their upcoming games via Amazon once again. If you want to pre-order Spider-Man, head on over to Amazon today.

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