PS4’s 8.00 system update messed with parties and fans are mad

If you were a fan of the classic Party Chat system on PlayStation 4, you aren’t alone, let’s talk about why the new PlayStation 4 party chat system is a mess and why Sony should have left it alone.

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Sony has invested $250 million into Epic Games the creators of Fortnite and Paragon


In a massive investment move, Sony has invested $250 million USD for a minority stake in Epic Games, the company behind games such as Fortnite and now-defunct title, Paragon.

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal has been postponed


While fans around the world geared up for Sony’s big reveal of the PlayStation 5, the company has announced they will be delaying the event for an undisclosed period of time in order to allow more important concerns to be voiced and heard by their fans.

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PlayStation 5 controller patent filed, gives a first look at the controller design


In a patent filed in Japan, Sony has given the world a first look at the possible design for the PlayStation 5’s version of the DualShock controller. Here’s your first look at what the controller will feature when it releases holiday season 2020.

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Sony’s latest patent hints at possible digital game trading, selling, and more


As Sony scopes in on their plans for the PlayStation 4’s successor, it seems that they are preparing for the inevitable all-digital future console gamers have been prepping for, and their latest patent secures that potential.

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Opinion: While Sony is doing great in the current-gen, I’m worried about the PS5

playstation logo

With the current momentum Sony has, the PlayStation 4 remains one of the best-selling consoles ever thanks to a solid set of first-party games, third-party offerings and a console that hits every mark it needs to remain at the top against their competitors, but now, we have to question one very obvious thing – can Sony go into the next generation this strong or will their flame burn out by that time? Let’s talk.

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NPD Report: Spider-Man is the biggest selling PlayStation exclusive ever


Already having received critical acclaim and the possibility of future installments, Marvel’s Spider-Man is already aiming to be one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever made. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Xbox has responded to PlayStation Classic announcement in a comedic way


Yesterday, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, a response to Nintendo’s line-up of rebooted digital-only consoles with a version of their own. Now, Microsoft has chimed in with a great response and one that actually makes complete sense without the need for nostalgia.

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You can now pre-order Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 on Amazon


Now that the 20% discount is gone, Sony and Amazon have seemingly come to an agreement as pre-orders for Spider-Man have now opened up completely and allows for PlayStation 4 owners to obtain a physical copy of the game.

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PlayStation’s Chief believes PlayStation portable gaming has a future


Just shortly after replacing Andrew House as the PlayStation CEO, John Kodera has opened up about the PlayStation brand and their outlook on mobile gaming. His statement is resoundingly different from Andrew House’s.

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