Fear the Wolves is officially available in Early Access via Steam


As one of the Battle Royale genre grows, it’s time to see who can do it best and make some of the most unique games within the genre. Among them comes Fear the Wolves by Vostok Games, a veteran team of developers known for their work on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise.

In their unique approach to the Battle Royale genre, Vostok Games has announced that their FPS Battle Royale title Fear the Wolves is now available for purchase Via Steam. To continue the celebration, the team is continually running Q&A and gameplay livestream sessions across their social media and streaming service platforms.

Among the questions, they answered and continued discussing ones regarding performance, the state of the servers, and the current Steam reviews. Along with their recent release of the Early Access build, Vostok Games and Focus Home Interactive also released their first community update, discussing their plans for early issues reported by Fear the Wolves players along with a post that details what we can expect in the first two major patches for the game along with what they will fix, major language updates, and what to expect down the road.

Those looking to get their hands on it can head over to the official Steam Page to learn more about the game and even watch the first official session by Vostok Games down below.


Stay tuned for our coverage of Fear the Wolves thanks to Vostok Games and Focus Home Interactive supplying us with a copy of the game.

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