Battlefield V details revealed, includes no season pass or paid DLC


With only a couple of weeks left until E3 2018, DICE and publisher Electronic Arts Inc. have revealed the official gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Battlefield V. Let’s take a look at what to expect.

Since the release of Battlefield 1, which blew the world away with its look at WWI and the European fronts during the war, fans held their breaths as they experienced new theaters of war. Just like life, Battlefield is moving forward with Battlefield V, which is stepping forward in time to the crucial moments of World War II.

Just like Battlefield 1, our next entry will be bringing back its signature single-player War Stories mode, multiplayer modes, and the newly revealed Combined Arms missions where fans can play together in cooperative play. As revealed by EA and DICE, Battlefield V is going to continue the journey the franchise has embarked on, allowing each grand-journey to have great post-launch content, which includes the Tides of War, which help create a constant and evolving new experience with new events, challenges, battles, and more for all that choose to own Battlefield V.

As seen in the trailer (above), Battlefield V is changing the way we look at multiplayer games. It’s bigger, it’s better, and it’s by far one of the best looking games to date, but we also see something new to the series. Female soldiers, a feature we’ve yet to see in the franchises multiplayer gamers outside of Battlefield 1. We even get to see a new take on WWII modes of transportation including grass-covered tanks, buildings being sieged by a tank, and even soldiers sliding about while firing into enemy-laden areas.

This new entry will also see new gameplay mechanics including less ammo when deploying, the ability to drag wounded players into cover, building fortifications and repairing war-torn structures in order to have cover from enemy fire or a structure to protect your team while shooting enemy grenades out of the sky. Battlefield V aims to change the way the series plays, works, and will be seen by long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Battlefield V is a homecoming for DICE as a studio—a return to the era that came to define the Battlefield franchise. But as nostalgic as we are about World War 2, we wanted to challenge the preconception of the era with an unexpected portrayal of this familiar setting. Our vision with Battlefield V is to let players explore new and untold sides of the conflict that shaped the modern world,” said Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager, DICE. “The scale of each battle and level of immersion is unlike anything we’ve done before in Battlefield and players are in for an epic journey.

Just as one would help, Battlefield V will deliver new and classic multiplayer modes alike. Players that choose to do so, can lead their own unique Company into battle in order to claim victory in a dynamic multiplayer experience. The Company will allow players to create, customize, and prepare their soldiers, vehicles, and gameplay style to how they progress through the game, which even includes character appearance customizations. The team at DICE has confirmed that fan favorite modes like 64-player Conquest will return and that Grand Operations will be back within the Tides of War experience.

The Tides of War multi-mode and multi-map dynamic events will allow players to play through some of WWII’s most historic battles and will allow them to relive the moments of bravery and desperation soldiers would have experienced while fighting their way to their final objective.

In Battlefield V, players can once more experience the highly acclaimed single-player campaign mode from Battlefield 1 – War stories – which will allow players to experience WWII through the eyes of men and women of WWII and even experience the untold stories of human drama filled to the brim with Battlefield moments of action. From the freezing Norwegian landscapes as a young resistance fighter to the smoldering heat of North Africa, fans of Battlefield will have a lot to look forward to when the game goes live this October.

However, we have a bit more of news about Battlefield V. Let’s take a look at EA’s official statement regarding the Tides of War service.

Tides of War is DICE’s new approach to live services, where players will set out on an epic journey with their Company in unexpected battles throughout World War 2. There will be no premium pass, all players will have access to the same maps and modes, keeping the community unified as they progress through Battlefield V. In Tides of War, their journey through World War 2 will grow through themed experiences that will include events and all-new ways to play like Grand Operations, while also unlocking the latest themed rewards such as weapons and vehicles to further shape their Company.

As the road to October 16 and October 19, 2018, approach, EA has revealed that those who pre-order any edition of the game, will get to have a Play First Trial on Oct. 11, 2018, and will get to help test the game ahead of its launch. The company has also revealed that there will be an Open Beta for those looking to experience the game ahead of launch. This includes free DLC for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield I map packs including Final Stand and Name of the TSAR for a limited time.


Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated as information is released regarding Battlefield V.

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