Omensight is set to launch on PC and PlayStation 4 next month, trailer released


Omensight by Spearhead Games has received a May 15, 2018, release date for PC and PlayStation 4. Digital pre-orders via PlayStation Store and Steam are now available.

Today, Spearhead Games has announced that their upcoming title, Omensight, a murder-mystery game, will be headed to a PlayStation 4 and PC near you starting May 15, 2018, for the affordable price of $19.99. The team has announced that fans that enjoyed the time-turning gameplay of Majora’s Mask will enjoy how Omensight players where players will explore the threads of time and fate as they jump through time.

Through the course of Omensight, players will interact with two opposing sides of a great war that is tearing the lands apart and ultimately find who is telling the truth and who you should trust. Additionally, the team at Spearhead Games has released a video showing off gameplay elements of their upcoming title, which includes the key feature of the “Omensight” mechanic, which will allow players to reveal key information that plays a pivotal role within the game.

Players will explore days and periods within the games setting while also pursuing the ability to change the player’s fate and ultimately uncover what is fueling the events that are underway within the world around them. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated with information regarding the game as we quickly approach its release.

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