Project Phoenix Rising aims to be the successor Epic Games’ Paragon needs


[Credits: Visionary Games]

With the closure of Epic Games’ title Paragon quickly approaching their players, the game’s assets having been released, and fans scurrying about to get their last few matches in; teams of independent developers have been hard at work in order to keep the game’s spirit alive by any means necessary. However, one team by the name of Visionary Games has a plan to do this and their project is currently called Phoenix Rising.

Currently in development by a rather small team of 68 people, the team has been hard at work, only having recently released their very first “State of the Game” and even a live stream about their character modeling and creation.  We’ve even gotten a glimpse of the game’s music, graphics engine, and even the subtle nods towards Paragon heroes Gideon, Sparrow, and Phase with Project Phoenix Rising’s first fully rendered character Codenamed ‘Magnus’. In the video, you even get a chance to see the concept art for the map, a concept character named Theo and a tank-like robotic hero possibly named “W.R.D.N.”. You can take a look at their State of the Game down below.

While the team has certainly been hard at work since the announcement of Paragon and it is slated to shut down, this very dedicated group of developers have been hard at work with live stream events and discussions on their official Discord channel. You can check out one of their recent streams down below.

And they’ve since even released a tech demo where Visionary Games’ Skavenger, the project manager of the development team, has given us a glimpse of what is currently going on under the hood. This demo includes bots fighting one another and even letting us see a basic level of the games currently development cycle.

While the game is currently in pre-alpha Visionary Games is noticeably hard at this time and does seem to be going through steady development. While we are unsure about map verticality, gameplay/gunplay mechanics, and the character classes that will be made available at launch, we do know there is a lot of ambition coming out of this small team and they’ve been hard at work over the past few months.

Even with the closure of Paragon, we already have high hopes for this ambitious title and can only hope for the best as the development of the game continues its progress.

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