No Man’s Sky is Headed to Xbox One, Will Receive Massive Update This Summer


Just when you felt that Hell Games’ rather controversial title No Man’s Sky was falling into obscurity and would slowly fade away into the darkest reaches of our digital libraries, Hello Games likes to creep back out from those darkest reaches, letting you know that they are still around. That’s where today’s announcement that No Man’s Sky will be receiving its next big update coming this summer and it will also be heading to Xbox One around the exact same time.

The new update has been dubbed “NEXT” as Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, feels it will be an important next step on a longer journey for us and the community.” NEXT will be the first major update since the Pathfinder and Atlas Rises updates last year. One having brought in base building, rover exploration and the other bringing in more than 30 story-based missions for players to explore.

At this time, Hello Games hasn’t offered any information about what will be shipping with the NEXT update and what features we could see added in or removed in order to improve the overall experience with the game. Surprisingly enough, it is big enough that it has gotten its own logo and it already has the gaming community discussing what the update could and should feature (multiplayer, anyone? Ship-to-ship battles and or getting out in our own ship and exploring it?).


Sean Murray has confirmed that NEXT will remain free to all existing players and that the company “will continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future”. While the game was a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, the move to Xbox One will open up a wider community of fans and will allow Hello Games to enhance their game with the power of the Xbox One X, it’s HDR support and 4K resolutions. 505 Games has confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be released worldwide with a physical edition this summer.

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