10 inexpensive video games you should play during the coronavirus outbreak


If you’re struggling to find some games to keep you busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a few ideas that will help keep you busy, including some of today’s hottest and newest hits. Worried about flipping through pages? Don’t worry about it here. Here’s a list you can read without flipping pages. 

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Exo Mech’s have come to No Man’s Sky in the games latest update


If you’ve been away from No Man’s Sky, you have a lot to look forward to in recent days from the games recent Living Ship update to the new Exo Mech content drop. Now, it’s time to explore in giant power armored suits.

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No Man’s Sky is Headed to Xbox One, Will Receive Massive Update This Summer


Just when you felt that Hell Games’ rather controversial title No Man’s Sky was falling into obscurity and would slowly fade away into the darkest reaches of our digital libraries, Hello Games likes to creep back out from those darkest reaches, letting you know that they are still around. That’s where today’s announcement that No Man’s Sky will be receiving its next big update coming this summer and it will also be heading to Xbox One around the exact same time.

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