DOOM is Going 4K With its Latest Update on PS4 and Xbox One


It’s no strange fact that games are getting enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X as of late. Each coming with a range of features including 4K gameplay, faster framerates and even features such as supersampling, which allows for some of the best visuals to date. However, there’s no secret that DOOM isn’t already a beautiful game. Actually, it’s probably one of the 25 most detailed video games of this generation (Via App Trigger).

Today, Bethesda and id Software have announced, via the official Twitter account for DOOM. The patch will be made available tomorrow, allowing for fans to truly experience everything the game has to offer including 4K resolutions so that the legions of Hell can be experienced in an all-new resolution for console gamers.

However, the company has not noted if the patch will feature any new elements to it outside of 4K resolutions and what the targeted framerates will be. With id Tech 6, we won’t be surprised if the game runs at a 60FPS with dynamnic resolution enabled during 4K. Stay tuned for more information as we are reaching out to Bethesda for clarification on what will be featured with this upcoming update outside of 4K, which launches on 3/29/2018.

You can check out our review for DOOM (2016) in the meantime.

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