The Crew 2 Pre-Order Bonus and Early Launch Incentives Announced

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The Crew made its grand appearance on the E3 stage with its first debut trailer back in 2013, setting the tone for a new type of racing style games. From the simple things like getting those annoying cops off your tail to just having a one v one match down Interstate 95. Now they are taking it a step even further. And now they have shifted gears and have hit that turbo button and have set a sequel in placed and will cross the finish line in first place again with The Crew 2.

From the looks of the new The Crew 2 trailer, it’s even better than before. From the traditional driving through the city and onto the countryside, The Crew 2 now allows us to fly planes, boats and even go off road into the outlands with better-equipped cars. It’s no doubt about it that Need for Speed has always been that game but, check your rear-view mirror because someone might be coming up to take that first place sooner than you think.

Now that drivers can travel on land, sea, and air they will be able to compete from coast to coast. Exotic cars, bikes, boats, trucks and planes, you can ride around in anything your heart desires. As part of Ubisoft’s The Crew 2 appreciation of their die-hard racing fans, they are now blessing all those lead footers with the bonus stuff such as pre-order exclusives and edition exclusives. Pre-order incents and exclusive offers are, of course, a Season Pass at launch, unique outfits, new and exclusive vehicles, a customized American Crew 2 license plate, a high-quality collector box steel box and lastly, an official road map of the game and stickers.

And to all my Pre-Order fans out there, if you do happen to swing by your local retailer and happen to buy the game before the pre-order date ends, you will have 3 days early access to The Crew 2 before everyone else. The Crew 2 will, of course, be on your main consoles XBOX, PS4, and PC. What would be really interesting if it was available via PS VR. The driving experience with The Crew 2 and Virtual Reality would be groundbreaking for where a franchise such as this one. With Microsoft’s 4K system, the One X, I’m sure the high definition resolutions won’t let us down as we are racing down the highway doing deadly speeds.

The Crew 2 and all its glory is set to be released on June 26th, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And if we are granted accesses to the beta then be sure to check our channel on YouTube for some gameplay.

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