7 Games We Really Want to See Bluepoint Remake


Since the release of Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 4, Bluepoint has been highly appraised for their meticulous work put into preserving the PlayStation 2 experience players once had. As part of it, their dedication to preserving the past experiences is well noted as Shadow of the Colossus has been highly appraised for its ambition. Toss in a few new hidden items to find and players have been tearing across the Cursed Lands in hopes to restore life to the beloved of protagonist Wander.

Now that Shadow of the Colossus has had hundreds, if not thousands of hours sunk into it by fans, it’s time to begin thinking about what is next for the team behind the game. With our own time having been sunk into the game, we’ve sat down and drawn out a solid list of games we’d love to see Bluepoint get their hands on as completely well-done remakes. So lates take a look at the seven games we really want to see Bluepoint remaster or remake in the upcoming weeks, months and or years down the road.


[Credits: ATLUS]

7. Demon’s Souls

After the news broke that Demon’s Souls had been reclassified by the ESRB, we couldn’t help but tighten our jaws, grip our hearts, and feel the sweat forming in our palms. Demon’s Souls isn’t just your atypical dungeon crawling experience. It’s the game that paved the way for many of the games we’ve played in recent days. Titles such as Bloodborne, The Surge and even Shadow of the Colossus were titles heavily inspired and some even spiritual successors to the beloved title that took the world by storm shortly after its release.

However, it wasn’t until Dark Souls released did anyone really know what the Souls genre was or what this newly formed sub-genre would have to offer down the road. With Demon’s Souls being one of the starting points for the genres level of success, elements, and atmospherics, we really would like to see Bluepoint get their hands on this title, clean it up, and give us reasons to once more explore the Valley of Defilement, the Tower of Latria, or even the Prison of Hope.

The only request we have for this one? 60fps, less clunky controls, and even more atmospherics that the PlayStation 3 didn’t quite have at the time of this game’s launch.


[Credits: SIE Studio Japan]

6. The Legend of Dragoon

Whether you loved the game or not, The Legend of Dragoon remains one of the PlayStation’s most beloved titles that only saw a single entry ever get developed. Fans around the world have come to love the game through its various flaws, semi-repetitive gameplay elements, and a semi-Final Fantasy inspired world.

Toss in the fact that The Legend of Dragoon is one of the most nostalgic titles on the PlayStation One and you have a title well deserving of an honest remake from the ground up. While the remake could honestly work to overcome some of the original title’s shortcomings, Bluepoint would be the best team to get behind a remake of this scale and could do quite well at it with their attention to detail, tedious approach to character as well as environmental designs and ability to iron out any bugs of the previous release.

The only downside here? We’d really like to see some solid voice acting and solid motion capture for the characters within the game. No big deal right? Probably not for Bluepoint.


[Credits: BioWare]

 5. Mass Effect

While the chances are slim that this one will ever happen, we’re pretty certain that Bluepoint Games could deliver one of the best experiences yet within the Mass Effect series and even help bring it back to life in ways never-before-seen. Higher resolution graphics, character models, animations, improved lighting/particle effects, and even more customization options would be splendid features to see the team bring to life.

While the original Mass Effect title still holds up quite well in our current day and age, it’s beginning to show its age a bit around its edges. While we’re certain that the “Commander Shepard Trilogy” could use the upgrade, the bigger question is simple: Will EA and BioWare let Bluepoint Games do a complete remake from the ground up, and if they do, will it be with the original assets or something entirely new? There’s only one way to find out, but the chances of finding out might just be slim to none.


[Credits: Acclaim Entertainment]

4. Turok

When it comes to games with a unique design, world, and story to be told, Turok from the now-defunct Acclaim Entertainment is one of those very titles. Sitting behind the idea of being a retro shooter, a game with astonishing gameplay elements, and a sleeper hit; Turok is a series that just can’t be forgotten by any means.

Just like titles such as QuakeDOOM, and Prey (the Xbox 360 version), Turok is one surrounded by its unique gameplay elements, creature designs, and puzzles players have to work their way through in order to complete the game. While we have little to no clue about their ability to remake first-person shooters, we do have hope that they can do this one justice and do it quite well.


[Credits: EA]

3. Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning

Whether you played it or not, Kingdom of Amalur isn’t a small-scale title or one that was broken in any way. It was fun, creative, and fused with a rather unique approach to character creation and design. The only downfall here? Poor management of money and assets granted to the former studio.

While Bluepoint getting a hold of this title might be a bit hard to do, we already know they have the talent, they have the will, and they have the way to do it. The only thing they have to do is let those who own the rights to the game. Mostly due to how messy the whole mess that was Kingdom of Amalur actually was when said and done. The bright side of this all? Even EA’s Community Manager Arachi would like to see such a remake or remaster happen.


[Credits: Rare]

 2. GoldenEye 007

It seems that no matter how hard someone has tried no one studio has been able to really nail what makes GoldenEye 007 one of the most beloved shooters on the planet. Luckily for us, that’s where Bluepoint Games comes into play. With how well they captured the essence of what made Shadow of the Colossus such a great game, we’re pretty sure they could do the exact same thing with the Nintendo 64 classic and even do a better job than what anyone else had done.

The only struggle they may have is whether or not fans want another attempt at allowing them to relive their Nintendo 64 days. Whether or not Bluepoint Games actually does one such remake is absolutely beyond us, but we can continue hoping that they do so, and if they do, that they allow us to experience the game in much the same light, but updated to modern standards.


[Credits: Konami]

 1. Metal Gear Solid

What can we say? We love Metal Gear Solid. In many ways, it was a game way ahead of its time in both gameplay elements and storytelling. While franchises such as Syphon FilterTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon already existed, Metal Gear Solid stood out among its peers due to its graphics, voice acting, and even its soundtrack.

To be quite frank, Hideo Kojima and the team(s) he worked with were miles ahead of their competitors by almost any means necessary. Given the technology that’s available today and the level of attention to detail, Bluepoint Games has, we’re pretty sure that they could make this one of the best Metal Gear Solid remakes to ever exist and even earn themselves a pat on the back from Kojima himself.

Our only hope for a remake of this kind? They use the original assets ranging from voice acting, character designs, and even the original soundtrack we saw back on the PlayStation One.

Honorable Mentions

While there are tons of games we’d love to see them make, there are only a few other games we felt that this team could do and do it right at this time. So here’s a small list of the games we’d love to see them give these games a proper remake and a bit of spit and shine they’ve never received.

  • Parasite Eve
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • P.N.03
  • Spyro the Dragon
  • Jade Empire
  • Ico
  • Rogue Galaxy
  • Phantom Dust

And last, but not least, the one that we couldn’t pass down.

  • Eternal Darkness

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, several members here at Blast Away the Game Review couldn’t quite agree with what games go where, but what we did agree on, is the fact that several of these games are absolute classics that deserve a new generation of fans for them to enjoy. The only downside about this list? We doubt Bluepoint Games will have time to remake any of these with how busy they probably are on a follow-up project to Shadow of the Colossus.

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