Demon’s Souls character creation revealed

As we approach the release of another astonishing Bluepoint Games remasters, this time in the form of Demon’s souls, the team has shown off how they aren’t just remastering the game, but how they are bringing character creation into the next-generation of consoles.

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7 Games We Really Want to See Bluepoint Remake


Since the release of Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 4, Bluepoint has been highly appraised for their meticulous work put into preserving the PlayStation 2 experience players once had. As part of it, their dedication to preserving the past experiences is well noted as Shadow of the Colossus has been highly appraised for its ambition. Toss in a few new hidden items to find and players have been tearing across the Cursed Lands in hopes to restore life to the beloved of protagonist Wander.

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Review: Shadow of the Colossus – A Masterful Remake


Credits: Dustin Murphy/Bluepoint Games

+Possibly one of the most artistically impressive games in the history of gaming
+A true remake of a timeless classic
+The melancholic atmosphere returns, but brighter and more vibrant than ever before
+All actions players make matter

-Troublesome camera angles make a slightly irritating return

Were you to be given the task to explain to someone how playing video games is time well spent and how they possess the potential or equivalence as artistic masterpieces what games would you mention? For me, that list is extremely small due to how far gaming has come in the past fifteen years.

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