Hexen-like FPS Game AMID Evil Enters Early Access Next Week


[Credits: New Blood Interactive]

Amid Evil isn’t just your average dark fantasy title. Much like Raven’s DOOM-esque dark fantasy titles HeXen and Heretic from the mid-to-late 90’s, Amid Evil is nearly everything we loved about the games and something more. Today, publisher New Blood Interactive has revealed more upcoming gameplay in their latest trailer, which features a newly added mode called “Hordes of Evil” endless mode. Additionally, the publisher has also announced that Amid Evil is set to head to Early Access via steam on March 12, 2018.

New Blood Interactive has also announced that the game’s Early Access will feature three episodes taken from the games main campaign and the Hordes of Evil mode as seen in the trailer below. When released, Amid Evil will feature seven episodes, each distinctly different from one another, and each of them being non-linear. Each episode will feature their very own unique settings, enemies, secrets to find, and lore to explore. Additionally, the publisher has revealed that cheat codes will help deliver a “truly golden PC age experience.”

For fans of games DuskBombshell, and Brutal Doom, Andrew Hulshut, the composer of the aforementioned titles, brings another masterpiece with the release of Amid Evil. Much like the games that inspired it, Amid Evil will be a title that fans of titles such as DOOMHeXenHeretic, and Quake will enjoy this title.

Amid Evil will go for $20 in Early Access exclusive on PC via Steam. The full release will take place later this year. Stay tuned for our hands-on impressions of Amid Evil.

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