Here’s 5 Features We’d Like to see the PlayStation 5 Have


Since the release of the PlayStation 4, we’ve seen the console grow into something spectacular, but at the same time, something lacking some much needed features fans have been begging for since this generation started. Features such as the ability to watch 4K movies off a disk, the ability to change our PSN ID’s on a whim, and even the ability to play our digital and physical games we purchased on the PlayStation 3.

Flash forward four years later and here we are still lacking some highly requested features. Some still ranging from the ability to watch 4K movies via disk, play our digital games from previous generations without the need for PlayStation Now, and even the inability to change our names. Assuming some of these improvements happen this generation, what left is there for the PlayStation 5 or whatever Sony chooses to call it, left to improve upon or even add into their next generation of hardware? That’s what we’re here to take a look at.


5. Backwards Compatibility with PlayStation 4 Games

Every generation, it seems this is a common sentiment. Fans wish to play the games they had purchase only days, weeks, or months prior to their newly purchased system. Unfortunately, this generation has been a little lacking in this field, but that’s entirely caused by something out of Sony’s control. Before this generation even started, the company announced that this new generation would be stepping away from the IBM architecture we’d come to know with the PlayStation 3.

Thanks to the X64 and X86 architectures, the chances of backwards compatibility between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 is extremely likely and could even pave the way for a multi-generational future much like the Xbox One’s. It even appears that Sony has already begun to make plans for the future and has since made a patent for backwards compatibility between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see some of their PlayStation 4 games get enhanced on PlayStation 5, much like how the Xbox One X is doing with previously released games?



4. 4K UHD Blu-Ray Support

Whether you stream or not, the PlayStation 4 sent quite a few fans disappointed when they learned that the PlayStation 4 Pro wouldn’t support 4K UHD discs. With the jump to PlayStation 5, Sony has all the ability in the world to make this a standard feature, giving owners to take full advantage of their 4K UHD displays and the console itself.

Unfortunately, this may not be a feature Sony has planned at all and could very well be put on the back burner as they work on making a serious competitor in the next generation of gaming hardware


3. Wireless-AC Support

High-speed connections are without a doubt one of the most important features when it comes to gaming. Since most gamers do rely on wireless connections to their routers, improved connection capabilities are going to be extremely important for the PlayStation 5. With gamers wanting to stream their games to services such as Twitch, YouTube, Daily Motion, and even Facebook, they’ll want to get as much as they can out of their current connections and in doing so, they’ll want their console to be able to provide them with that very opportunity.

The only downside here? Sony isn’t exactly known for providing the best download and upload speeds on the market, but they’ve certainly done better in recent years. However, if Sony wishes to catch up to Microsoft or PCs, they’ve had their work cut out for them.


[Credits: Soardogg]

2. Improvements to Streaming

Let’s face it: we all love to stream. We’re so captivated by the idea of sharing our online experiences with our family, our friends, and our loved ones. We can’t help it, it’s fun, and at times; it’s downright addicting. We’ve even watched some of our favorite gaming personalities go from zero to hero over the course of their career. Sadly for console gamers, they don’t exactly have as many customizations options at their fingertips. While it’s true PC has a lot more capabilities, streamers still want to have the ability to use overlays, set up alerts, and even create clips from their consoles.

While many of these aforementioned ideas are best suited for streamers with a PC, it still gives console users a chance to stand out among the crowd and improve what their viewers see. If not, we can still do with an improved interface to allow for a better comments section.


[Credits: Dolby]

1. Dolby Atmos Support

If you’ve ever had a chance to experience the most bleeding edge of home cinema technology when it comes to surround sound audio, then you know what Dolby’s Atmos technology is capable of. For gamers wanting the best experience possible far as 4K and Dolb Atmos support is concerned, they are no doubt going to aim for a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One X.

However, Sony fans have been left in the dark when it comes to some of the best project audio in a three-dimensional space. Why is that? Sony doesn’t support it just yet and it’s honestly a bit heartbreaking for those of you who do own a Dolby Atmos capable soundbar, headphones, and surround sound headphones that support the technology. If you’re a fan of games like Assassin’s Creed: Origins or even Overwatch, you may enjoy the idea of hearing enemies running around above, below, or even behind you on the other side of a wall.

Now just imagine that for all your games and imagine how realistic they’ll sound and how immersive they’ll be with Dolby Atmos on the PlayStation 5.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no doubt that our wishlist could be a mile long, we’re already excited about the thought of another generation and the experiences it may bring, we’ve decided to trim the fat and pick just a select few that stood out the most to our team. Luckily for us, we may still have quite some time ahead of us before Sony and their PlayStation teams make any huge announcement about their next generation line-up.

But if all sits true, we may begin hearing murmurs about the PlayStation 5 sometime next year as we prepare for the next jump in gaming hardware.

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