Zwei: The Arges Adventure is Headed to PC

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For gamers, it’s been a pretty busy day. Nintendo has announced a lot of smash-hit returns, Dark Souls: Remastered has been announced, and there’s even this big news here. Nihon Falcom has announced that the Zwei: The Arges Adventure, one of the original games from the developer, is heading to Windows PC via Steam, GoG, and The Humble Store later this month.

Marvelous USA, Inc., and Nihon Falcom have also announced during the games launch week starting January 24th, the game will be discounted by 10%, down from its normal $19.99 USD price point. Originally released in Japan for the PC and PSP, fans of the Ys series have a lot to look forward to with the games Ys-themed mini-game that resembles typing tutor, which is a challenging, but enjoyable, block puzzler game as well as a “Pet Monitor” virtual pet system. If you haven’t played the series, there’s a wide variety of unlockables, quests to take on and even a highly enjoyable story.

In Zwei: The Arges Adventure, players will take on the role of Pokkle and Pipiro as they find their normal small-village life rudely interrupted by a mysterious figure. This figure just having decided to steal their villages six holy idols from the local shrine, has turned their village life upside down by taking action to revive an ancient “Demon Lord” and thus our two leading ladies become would-be heroes as they risk it all to stop the worst from happening.

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