This Borderlands Themed NES is Insane


What happens when you cross Borderlands with a classic Nintendo Entertainment System? You somehow get some of the coolest opportunities out there. You can make your NES look like CL4P-TP, even a D374-TP for that matter. However, what if you decided to be creative and throw all that away and do something a bit more unique? Like, you know, a Hyperion themed loot box for that matter.

Reddit user fishCodeHuntress took to Reddit in order to show off one of the coolest custom paints we’d ever seen done to an NES. While Borderlands never saw the light of day on the console and didn’t even exist until the mid-2000’s, it doesn’t go without saying that this is by far one of the best things to have ever happened. Besides the fact that one day someone may make an 8-bit reproduction of the game – if they ever do.


[Credits: fishCodeHuntress]

The custom case – as you can see – is quite well done. Unfortunately, the Redditor only has shown off the single image, but from what we gather, this case is by far one of the best ones out there and could even grab the attention of Borderlands creator Randy Pitchford himself. After all, this thing is convincingly well done and almost looks as if fishCodeHuntress and their brother yanked this thing straight from within the game.

This custom case comes shortly after Borderlands developer Gearbox has confirmed that their upcoming title Borderlands 3 is in 100% production. The team behind Battleborn has even been assigned to the project, giving the development cycle of the latest Borderlands title a hefty boost in man power, and could even confirm a possible release in 2018 or 2019. While we are uncertain of the games title or even when it will release, what we are certain about is that this custom Hyperion themed case is absolutely amazing, and will leave fans wanting more.

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