Review: Tekken 7 DLC: Geese Howard – He’ll Goose You


Y’know, something about Tekken 7 never gets old. I’m not sure if it’s the massive amount of content the game has received or if it’s even the sheer amount of cross-over characters that the game has already received. But what really sends it home? The game doesn’t feel dated. It feels natural, it feels well rounded and it stands as an equal to the current age of fighting games.

Among these many new features comes the latest fighter, a well rounded and renowned fighter from well established fighting franchises Fatal Fury and King of Fighters. Much like his fellow cross-over friends Akuma and Eliza, Geese is a technical fighter. The strategy behind him is to land rapid hits, follow through with strong combos, and fill his max mode gauge in order for him to cancel out certain movies and string together his devastating attacks for a quick victory.


While Geese sounds like an easy-to-learn character – he’s not. He’s one that will require you to explore his max mode capabilities. This includes learning how to use his extensive list of combos that are available during his max mode as well as his special attacks he has available. Unlike Akuma or Eliza, his damage output is slightly less power and could very well see himself as a weaker opponent compared to the rest. But unlike others such as my favored fighter Yoshimitsu or even Bryan, he’s lacking and he won’t compare in power when it comes down to their fluid like combos.

But where Geese shines in comparison is his max mode. Once you get your head wrapped around this mode, his combos are insanely damaging. They are insanely power and will leave your opponents rolling in in agony. Even with Geese having been around for a couple of weeks now, we already know that competitive players are working up their knowledge of his combos and have a way to absolutely devastate those playing against them.


But let me be blunt. Even as a fan of King of Fighters and Tekken, he isn’t an easy character to learn, not even for a veteran such as myself. Many of his basic attacks come from the first of the two aforementioned franchises. He plays just as one would imagine him to play. He’s one that wants players to take their time to learn how to pull off his deadliest combos and execute his skills as needed. For players that’ve never used Geese before, you will need to take time to learn him, to practice his combos and abilities so that you can chain them together.

But even with Geese himself being the centerpiece to this DLC, we also need to take a look at the map that has accompanied Mr. Howard as well. His home itself is just as suggestive as his own: Howard Estate. In his map players will find that his home isn’t a humble abode. It’s one decorated with samurai armour sets and American flags that wave in the background. But what really sets this one apart from the rest? The swirling cherry blossoms dancing about the ground, torches flickering about, and the lighting effects that set his home apart from the rest.

Let alone do these features display the type of detail that Bandai has put into Tekken 7, it shows that they are proud of what they do and in a continual manner. Every bit of the stage is intricately detailed. So-much-so that players can smash their opponents through multiple sliding doors before taking them off a balcony, which leads to the downstairs portion of the stage. A beautiful garden accented by his cherry blossom trees and immaculate lighting effects.

Tekken 7 DLC 2: Geese Howard – PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release Date: Now Available
Cost: DLC Pack 2: $7.99 | Season Pass: $24.99

Besides his level, a few costumes, and a map – DLC 2 doesn’t have just a ton to offer and he hasn’t even received his own character episode, which would have been interesting to see. It’d been nice to see since Geese could quite possibly have an amazing story to tell in how he crossed over in Tekken 7. Besides this minor gripe, Geese Howard is a worthy addition, one that’s quite fun to experience, and even more fun to show off. This goose is certainly on the loss and is bringing a 90’s era level of nostalgia with him.

Editor’s Note: Due to this being a single DLC based review, we have opted out from placing a score with it and will do so once all DLC for the game releases.

Our review is based upon a retail version of the season pass that was provided to us by the games publisher.  For information about our ethics policy please click here.

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