Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury Now Available


Raiders of the Broken Planet is – without a doubt – a creative game. A captivating game none the less. With its unique approach to being a seasonal game, fans on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One have come to enjoy its first episode Alien Myths quite well. As a follow up to it since its release, MercurySteam, the indie studio behind Raiders of the Broken Planet and Metroid: Samus Returns have announced the new episode is now available for €/$/£9.99.

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Much like its predecessor, the Wardog Fury campaign features four new story missions, each of them can be played single-player, or in a 4-player co-op mode, or the games intense 4v1 Antagonist mode. All-the-while, players will be working to unlock the games new character, which is exclusive to the campaign itself. The campaign will see players face down against the deranged and psychotic General Marmalade and his band of not-so-merry men as they attempt to stop his Aleph experiments on both his men and himself.

As part of an incentive to stop him, players can unlock the games newest member, Loaht. This newest character isn’t just any character, Loaht is a former experience of General Marmalade’s, and a rogue agent whom the Raiders need the help of in order to bring the General down. Let alone has this addition been made the company has announced some major changes that have made their way into the game with the release of Wardog Fury.

Players can now use their in-game currency that they’ve used to temporarily unlock each of the missions they don’t own for a total of four hours each. The company has also announced that they’ve altered the games invitation systems. This new system allows players to invite their friends into the game with them so that they may enjoy the title as well.

Along with these changes there have been some noticeable and much needed upgrades such as how much players earn in rewards, the rate at which they unlock content, and how the overall economy within the game works. This means the ease of unlocking new characters, building weapons blueprints, and unlocking items has been made slightly easier for those enjoying the game.

Even the Antagonist role has been changed, making it a bit harder for players to face down against others, ensure that combat is fair and offer an equal challenge for all of those looking to take part within the PvP elements of the game.

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