Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury Now Available


Raiders of the Broken Planet is – without a doubt – a creative game. A captivating game none the less. With its unique approach to being a seasonal game, fans on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One have come to enjoy its first episode Alien Myths quite well. As a follow up to it since its release, MercurySteam, the indie studio behind Raiders of the Broken Planet and Metroid: Samus Returns have announced the new episode is now available for €/$/£9.99.

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Ginebra is Now Available for Raiders of the Broken Planet


Did you think Raiders of the Broken Planet was already dead? You’d definitely be mistaken. Today, MercurySteam has announced that they’ve released the latest of the characters for the game for Founders Pack owners. Her name is Ginebra, an infamous member of the Fifth Council whom has been hunting down Konstantin, and other rogue members from their faction.

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Review: Raiders of the Broken Planet Ep. 1: Alien Myths – A Game That is Anything, But Broken

Raiders of the Broken Planet_20170923032719

+Graphics used provide a strong cinematic experience
+Provides high replay values even with only four core-missions for the first episode
+Unique heroes, each offering their own experience with each lobby
+A Triple-A experience from an indie developer
+Solid gameplay mechanics featuring gun play, hero-based abilities, and cover systems

-Alternate skins range from 5-20 bucks a pop
-Queue times can, at-times, exceed 5 minutes.

When I first was introduced to Raiders of the Broken Planet, I had prepared myself for another tactical cover-based shooter, that I would uninstall quicker than I’d enjoy it. After having played through plenty of them through the Xbox 360 era, I had already had a gut feeling I knew what I was getting myself into with MercurySteam’s newly released ‘episodic’ indie game. Little did I know, my assumption was completely wrong, and it would have cost my dearly for thinking of this game as just another Gears of War clone.

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What Exactly is ‘Raiders of the Broken Planet’ by MercurySteam?

Raiders of the Broken Planet_20170923025547

If you had asked me a few weeks ago about this mysterious game called Raiders of the Broken Planet, I would have shrugged my shoulders, glanced back at my phone, and continued sifting through the ungodly amount of emails I go through on a daily basis. However, that had changed after earlier today. I finally got to sit down for a few solid hours and began playing through this new IP by MercurySteam, the team behind Metroid: Samus Returns’, latest adventure. Before you get to reading, I suggest you grab a soda, make some popcorn, and lets have a little discussion, because I am extremely excited to discuss this with you.

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