The New Overwatch Animated Short Explores Reinhardt’s Past


[Credits: zinph1212 on DeviantArt]

Blizzard isn’t shy about making us want to cry, to cheer, and to love the characters we see in their smash-hit team-focused competitive title. They’ve explored the backgrounds behind characters such as Winston, Genji and Hanzo, Mei, Sombra, and a few others in the past.

Today, Blizzard has begun to explore another hero, one that is known for his hulking size, his enigmatic personality, and his crusader-like mindset. His backstory is touching, it is serious, and it is about Reinhardt becoming the man we know.

In the short, we get to see an overconfident Crusader (a group of knights who served to protect Germany during the Omnic Crisis) and how he became one of Overwatchs recruits, but more importantly: how he lost the use of his left eye. Since we here at Blast Away the Game Review don’t want to spoil it for you, you can check out the animated short below. Also, leave us a comment on whom you’d like a short comic for.

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