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Video game music isn’t just a small piece of gaming. It’s an important piece. Music helps set the mood, it helps bring games and their cinematic pieces to life. The music helps bring out the emotional responses we should have while gaming. Whether it’s sadness, happiness, adrenaline pumping anger while ripping Nazis apart in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, or even just taking in an amazing sight to see in Destiny 2.

Whatever your preference is, music is key, and it helps bring games to life. Days Gone, The Last of Us, and Mass Effect have done so quite well. Songs such as Days Gone – Trailer ThemeLeft Behind, and Leaving Earth struck emotional cords in our hearts. Even songs such as Never Forget from Halo has left remarkable dents within our hearts, leaving us with the songs we love, and songs we know.

So who are these artists that have brought this music to life? Lets take a look.


If you haven’t heard of these guys, they are definitely someone worth checking out. Let alone have they brought Days Gone and its trailer theme to life, they made it better, and even more rich than before. This team of musicians have done some astounding work, music that can be checked out via their official website and even their Soundcloud where there music can be streamed at any time.

Their music usually consists of flute, tin whistle, guitar, and a piano. If you like what they do, definitely hit up their YouTube, throw them a like, and even a subscribe!


Based out of Monterrey, Mexico, Malukah isn’t a name that should be skipped. Her music is some of the best out there. Using samples, tabs, or even writing her own music, Malukah is a masterclass musician, and her music is definitely some of the best out there. Rather it’s original arrangements, covers, or original pieces using samples from existing songs, Malukah’s voice is hauntingly beautiful, and could easily be considered that of a sirens.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely give her music a once over on YouTube and subscribe to her channel once you get a chance.

Taylor Davis

When it comes to violins, there’s no doubt that Lindsey Sterling is one of the queens of the violin, but what people don’t know? There’s another one: Taylor Davis. Her music isn’t just original pieces, she makes some of the best tribute music out there with her unique sound and medleys she crafts. Just like Malukah, she’s a master at her trade, and she doesn’t show any signs of showing down with the release of second album called Odyssey.

Smooth McGroove

If there’s anything more unique out there other than video game music, Max ‘Smooth McGroove‘ Gleason is the man that does it all, and totally owns what he’s doing. His instrument of choice? His voice and creating video game song a Capella pieces. He’s a master at what he does and his music happens to display that talent quite well. His genre of focus? Retro game music, music more commonly seen in the late 80’s, early 90’s games.

If you haven’t checked out his works, you definitely need to.


Are you a fan of guitars, metal, and some heavy bass? Great! FamilyJules will have you covered. He’s a guy that absolutely owns the music he plays by bringing some of the industries best music to life. How does he do it? Multiple styles including his guitar, his bass, and his own genuine creativity. Definitely check out his works and toss him a subscribe if you like what you hear.


Are you a fan of metal? What about video game music? Well both are quite possibly a given or you wouldn’t be here visiting us! Among these artists comes one named 311Erock, a musician that absolutely loves his guitar, heavy metal, and giving a solid wink to his fans while recording. What’s even better about this guy? He completely rocks at what he does and shows no signs of slowing down in doing what he does: video games meeting rock and roll’n’roll and bringing the music to life.

Closing Thoughts

We all know it, there’s a lot of musicians out there and many of them rock at what they do. On the list of things out there? Making some of the best video game music around, which is where all of these artists come in, and there are plenty more out there to enjoy. Do you have one you’d like to suggest? Let us know in the comments below.

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