No, Bungie is Not Banning Destiny 2 PC Players for Legitimate Programs

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When Destiny 2 launched earlier this week on PC, it served as the first release for the series on PC after Destiny bounced right over PC, and served its delicious amount of cooperative play exclusively to console players. A few players, however, have stated they’ve been banned for using Overlays like framecounters or even programs that helped with their stream’s such as X-Split or another third party program. However, Bungie has come out and said that they disagree completely.

Destiny 2 is Blizzard’s first non-Blizzard title on their launcher. For Bungie and their newly released game, it’s sailing some uncharted waters are far as security is concern. But this does bring up some concern from players on Destiny 2‘s subreddit. They have already expressed concerns about the game’s built in anti-cheat system, and what will use in order to manually ban players.

Sadly, this has already been outlined by Bungie and Blizzard as the first bans have already appeared on Destiny 2 less than 48 hours since the games launch. Players are already beginning to voice their concerns as claims of unfair bans have begin due to “third party overlays,” which Bungie has already said isn’t the cause behind the bans. Just as you can see below as summit1g plays Destiny 2. leveling w/ my bros – [ Follow @summit1g ] from summit1g on

But why is their such concern about this? Mostly due to the fact that that there’s been a reported 400 bans of players using an overlay, which Bungie touched up on through a blog post today, which included full guidelines and information on how their banning system works. In the guideline, Bungie even states that they aren’t “automatically banning” due to reported overlays. Instead they have stated that they’ve only “banned a player after a manual investigation.”

They continued on stating that they’ve banned approximately “400 players on PC. Bans were applied to players who were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game.” According to the post, the company has also stated that they are currently overturning four bans from the beta, but didn’t offer anymore information as to why the bans were being overturned.

However, Destiny 2 players aren’t buying it. They’ve already claimed that they were banned for no reason at all. Rather they were all stating that their commonality of using an overlay. Others are saying that they’ve done nothing except having installed the game, and booted it up before being quickly banned. But don’t take this as they are innocent, they may not be, and they may only be hoping for Bungie to remove their ban. According to Bungie, their theory is wrong, and they aren’t banning at all for the use of overlays or streaming programs. Just say PC lead David Shaw puts bluntly down below.

If you think you were banned for using systems such as OBS, X-Split, or even overlay programs such as Nvidia’s Shadowplay? You won’t get banned. The only way to get banned is by using cheating software according to Bungie’s newly released guide. I hope to see you out there Guardians, lets get our grind on, and lets take down the Red Legion together.

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