Bungie Has Taken Down Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine for Now, Outlines PC Release


Trials of the Nine is the icing on the cake for Destiny 2 players whom like to take on extreme competitive play in order to unlock astonishing rewards, but that is changing according to a blog post by Bungie’s community manager Chris Shannon. In the post, Shannon has stated that Bungie has disabled Trials of the Nine for the next couple of weeks. The cause? A glitch that allows players to use the Monty Python-inspired Bureaucratic Walk and go outside of a maps boundaries.

The emote itself was also pulled from being able to be purchased for the time being. However, unfortunately for Bungie, it’s isn’t going to solve that issue for those whom have already purchased the emote. With the Trials of the Nine being disabled, players will be without a highly competitive PvP mode to enjoy, but they will have the hardest raid mode at their disposal for the next two weeks, with the Iron Banner returning in November.

Bungie has announced that the Trials of the Nine event will resume on Friday, Nov. 3rd, and will presumably will be bug free. This is only a follow up to when Bungie had to change the game mode and map for the Trials playlist in order to stop players from scoring kills while out of bounds on the map Altar of Flame.

Lets just hope for some good, clean, fun when Trials of the Nine opens back up. However, not all is bad news. Bungie has also gone as far as to outline the PC version of the game, giving us an idea of what to expect in the upcoming days. Its treatment isn’t all that different from its console brethren, so lets take a look!


[Credits: Bungie]

[Source: Bungie.net]

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