ECHO Director Martin Emborg Announces Release Date and More


The launch of indie game ECHO is almost finally upon us as the game is set to launch on PlayStation 4 here in just a few days. For those unfamiliar with ECHO, lets take a quick peek and help you quickly become acquainted with this science fiction title that has fans of stealth games whispering in the dark.

To begin, ECHO is a defined as a sci-fi action puzzle game, one where players will be taking on deep space adventures as space traveler En (voiced by Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie), whom has been in stasis for around a century. After waking up from statis, she has quickly formed a relationship type bond with a character by the name of London (Nick Boulton, Dragon Age/Mass Effect) during their time on a sentient starship who has been carrying her among the stars.


With her stuck in deep space, En has come to encounter a new, bizarre, and seemingly daunting structure named “The Palace”. Inside the palace, En finds herself surrounded by The Palace’s unique structure, technology, and mysterious ‘Echoes’ that look like identical clones of En. As The Palace unleashes its defenses upon players, they must explore its darkest secrets by completing puzzles, fighting back against the clones, and ultimately uncovering the truth behind this mysterious structure.

But the best part about this game isn’t just what the game does, but the fact it learns from the actions players perform. If you are one to prefer stealth, the Echoes will follow suit, and utilize stealth as their primary approach to finding where Echo is, and eliminating the threat. If you prefer brute force shooting, the Echoes will follow suit, and take on a more action-based approach, shooting at fellow players in return.

To give players time to breathe, The Palace undergoes a unique period called a Blackout. This period is where The Palace shuts down its defenses, deleting active copies of En, while providing players a chance to uncover the truth. Just remember, when the Palace wakes up, you will have to remember something. One. Simple. Rule.

You. You are your own enemy, and The Palace will remind you of this on a constant basis when the game launches on PlayStation 4 this week on Oct. 11th.

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