Monster Hunter: World Collector’s Edition, Release Date, and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced


Fans of the long-run franchise became ecstatic the moment that Capcom confirmed the existence of Monster Hunter: World during Sony’s E3 briefing. Today, there’s even more reason for fans to be excited as the company has officially given some details about the games upcoming release in 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The upcoming items announced include a collector’s edition, release date, and bonus DLC incentives.

During Tokyo Game Show 2017, the company confirmed that Monster Hunter: World will be releasing globally on January 26th, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC version to launch at a later date. The company also announced that they will begin taking pre-orders today, which includes bonus incentives for the standard version of the game or the newly announced Digital Deluxe Editions and a physical Collector’s Edition.

In the trailer (as seen below) fans will get to see some of the games newest features including a lizard-like creature called the Pukei-Pujei, to the newest creature they will hunt named the Nergigante, and even a beautiful, but dangerous land known as the Coral Higlands.

Starting today, those who pre-order can receive the Origin Set Armor, Fair Wind Charm Talisman, both of which improve starting defense and offense stats for players, while also increasing their gathering skill. Capcom has stated that the Origin Set Armor and Fair Wind Charm talisman may be made available in an alternative means at a later date. Those who pre-order the digital version will get a chance to obtain a custom PlayStation 4 theme, exclusive to a pre-ordered version.

The company has also announced a Digital Deluxe edition for $69.99, which features the game and additional customizable options such as a Samurai Skin set, three gestures, two stickers, extra face paint, and an extra hairy style option for their hunters. The Digital Deluxe edition also includes 14 weapon-themed PSN avatars for fans to enjoy. Additionally, the company announced a North American Collector’s Edition of the game, which includes a physical copy of the game, a voucher for the Digital Deluxe Edition bonuses, a 32-page hardcover art book, a high-quality flagship monster statue, and a digital soundtrack code for the game.


All of the content in the Collector’s Edition can be purchased for $149.99 and is stored in a custom collector’s edition box. Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the game in 2018.

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