Take the War to Russia in Battlefield 1’s “In the Name of the Tsar” Update


Russia’s winters have been known to be some of the fiercest ever known. This hasn’t changed as bone chilling winter winds blow across the Russian landscape as soldiers from opposing sides take to the river valleys as they trek towards the streets of Tsaritsyn. The Russian Army will face off in the Russian Civil War in this latest update, which brings in new maps, a new mode, more weapons, some new vehicles, and a slew of fixes with its launch today.

With the release of the new DLC “In the Name of the Tsar”, players who own the DLC or the Premium Pass can get in on the new content starting today. The new content features new maps such as Galicia, a map where players will fight across a war-ravaged river valley within the Russian landscape. If that’s not for you, Brusilov Keep may be a bit more up your alley if you like fighting in a small village high within the Carpathian mountains where its locals are bracing for a Russian siege. Take a look at the full list of maps down below from their official patch notes.

  • Galicia – An entrenched fight across a war-torn river valley.
  • Brusilov Keep – A small village high in the Carpathians braces for a Russian siege.
  • Albion – German ships invade the West Estonian Archipelago.
  • Tsaritsyn – Old and new Russia clash in the war-torn streets of Tsaritsyn.
  • Volga River – An epic tank battle along Volga River.

The new DLC also features a few new operations and a new game mode. For fans of the series, they’ll get to take on a new mode called Supply Drop, which will put teams in a constant lock down as they vie for control of airdrop locations. The team that recovers the most supplies from these drops will claim victory and send their opponents running for the hills.

If that’s not for you and you prefer operations. You can once more take on operations with two new large scale offensive and defensive locales called the Brusilov Offensive where the Russian Army will deploy new tactics as they push into the Eastern Front during the Russian Civil War in 1916. On the opposite side you have the operation Red Tide, where the Russian Red Army and White Guard will clash during the largest portion of the 1919 skirmishes.

And there’s plenty more from where this content came from. You can check out the full official patch notes here regaridng the new weapons, repairs, and changes made on the official Battlefield 1 website.

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