Prepare to Survive on Mars with ‘JCB Pioneer: Mars’ Starting Today on Steam Early Access


Life is harsh on Mars as the planet is forbidding of modern day life. We know it is a barren planet, one that is unforgiving to those whom seek to explore it, and even more-so unforgiving to those whom wish to live upon it. Today, Plan of Attack alongside Atomicom, are currently working with publisher GamesCo to bring their cooperatively developed survival sandbox title JCB Pioneer: Mars together for fans to enjoy.

With their announcement of the game going into Steam Early Access starting today, you can now check out the game through their newest trailer, which features some of the games core mechanics. The newly release trailer shows off the games view of the red planet, the equipment you will use, and even the resources the JCB provides for your colonization of Mars.

In JCB Pioneer: Mars you, the player, awaken from a crash, surrounded by the wreckage of your Lander. Among the debris and howling winds, you will find yourself fighting for survival almost instantly. Your supplies such as oxygen, water, and colonization materials are scare. You must establish your base of operations while learning to combat the vicious life you’ve opted for on Mars.

Players will be forced to adapt as they fight for a life-supporting infrastructure, locating of natural resources, and even a way to save a dying Earth. Due to everything on the Red Planet being scarce, players will need to take note that their adventure will be unforgiving, difficulty, and ultimately pushing their ability to innovate in the name of survival.

You can check it out now on the Steam Store for when it goes into Early Access.

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